Published on 1st of June, 2022

10 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Instagram Followers

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You’ve put in the hard work to build an Instagram presence, but there’s a huge problem. You aren’t getting many followers. Without followers, you won’t have an audience for the content you post. Check out 10 reasons that you aren’t getting followers. Address these problems to grow your follower count.


1. You Haven’t Optimized Your Profile

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Think of your profile as your homepage on Instagram. People look at your profile picture and bio before deciding if they want to follow your account. If your profile isn’t complete and optimized, you’ll have a hard time getting followers, even if you post amazing content. Take some time to create a compelling profile that will boost your follower count. Include keywords and hashtags, so your profile is easy for people interested in your niche to find it. This simple tip can help you increase your follower count quickly. 


2. You Aren’t Social

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Instagram is a social media network. As with any social interaction, it takes two to make it work. If you aren’t engaging with people, your current followers will unfollow your account, and you’ll have a problem attracting new followers. You can post exciting, visually appealing content, but without engagement, your account will fizzle out.

Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix. Interact with your followers in the comment section. When they leave a comment, respond, taking the time to make each response unique. This will turn your page into a place where people engage and converse. Your current followers will stick around, but that’s not all. Instagram’s algorithm will notice the increased engagement rate and show your posts to people who don’t currently follow your account. That will give your account a huge boost. 


3. People Don’t Engage With Your Content

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On the other hand, you might be ready and willing to engage with your followers, but they don’t interact with your content. If you can’t get your engagement levels up, you’ll have a hard time attracting new followers. You can take a two-step approach to fix this problem. First, change your strategy to post more engaging content. Second, buy Instagram likes for that content. Instagram’s algorithm will notice the increase in engagement and show your content to more people, allowing you to attract more followers.


4. You Only Focus on Your Account

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Far too many Instagram users only focus on their own accounts. They post on their accounts and interact with their followers, but they don’t check out other pages. You can grow your following by moving beyond your profile and interacting with other accounts. Find accounts in your niche and engage with the posts. When people notice you popping up on their posts, they’ll check your account out as well. Many of those people will end up following your account. 


5. You Are Too Promotional

You are likely using Instagram to make sales, and people realize that. However, if you only post promotional photos and videos, you’ll turn people off. You aren’t going to gain followers if your feed is full of promotions. It’s spammy, inauthentic, and worst of all, annoying. Provide a nice mix of content to get followers. Also, make sure that each promotional post adds some sort of value to your followers.


6. Your Captions Are Boring and Bland

You might think that people follow accounts based on images, but that’s only half the story. They also read the captions before clicking the “Follow” button. If your captions are dull, you’re going to have trouble getting followers. Create engaging, entertaining, and informative captions to increase your follower count on Instagram.


7. You Aren’t Using the Right Hashtags

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Hashtag misuse is a big problem on Instagram. Numerous users fill their posts with hashtags, and some aren’t relevant. Posts that use too many or irrelevant hashtags are viewed as spam, making it hard to get followers.

You can use up to 30 hashtags for each post, but that’s overload. Posts with 2-5 hashtags tend to perform the best on the social network. You will increase your engagement and attract more followers if you stick to this range. Also, make sure that each hashtag you use is relevant.


8. Your Social Media Accounts Aren’t Linked

If you have other social media accounts, you can gain followers by linking them to Instagram. People who follow you on TikTok, Facebook, and other networks have already proven they are interested in what you have to offer. However, they might not be aware that you have an Instagram account. By connecting your accounts, you can boost your follower account in an instant.


9. You Aren’t Using Influencer Marketing

If you’re serious about growing your audience on Instagram, expand your reach through influencer marketing. You don’t need to partner with an influencer with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers to expand your reach. Instead, find a nano or micro-influencer in your niche to promote your products. This will open your account up to a new audience. Since followers trust influencers, they’ll check out your account. These campaigns often generate lots of new followers, so this is a fast way to expand your reach and increase your follower count.


10. You Don’t Post Consistently

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It’s hard to increase your follower count when you don’t post consistently. If days or weeks go by without posting, your followers will forget that you exist. Then, when a post comes up, they might get annoyed and unfollow you. You will also have low engagement levels, limiting your reach. That will make it hard to find new followers. With consistent posts, you can increase engagement and reach, thus attracting new followers. 

Determine a posting schedule and stick to it. Remember, you can schedule your posts, so you can keep up.


Start Getting More Followers Today

Now, you can create an action plan to fix the issues preventing you from getting followers. From buying Instagram likes to posting consistently, go down the list and make changes. Then, keep an eye on your analytics and watch your follower count grow.


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