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Get free TikTok likes from real people on Windows and MacOS. Everything is secure and automated. All you have to do is choose how to spend your likes!

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Increase engagement

Many of our users have received thousands of likes on their posts, increased their engagement numbers and giving their accounts more authority. For free.

Truly free & automatic

When we started Like4Like back in 2017 there was no place where you could get real likes without wasting precious hours of your time, to be honest we're still the only one available. We thought, how nice would it be to have it all done for you? Log in, press a button, get the likes.

It's been several years since its inception and Like4Like is still the only place that offers a truly smooth hands-off experience. Our apps are still free and will stay free forever.

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Completely secure

Windows and MacOS applications have many things in common but the most important one is your security. It's a very important aspect of our philosophy and design.

You'll be logging in on TikTok inside the Like4Like application but you won't be providing your credentials to us. Instead, we'll display a TikTok login page where you'll be safely authorizing as usual.

Doing authentication this way ensures that our application does not have access to any of your credentials or password which means that your secrets stay with you and can't be shared with anybody no matter what happens.

Highly rated

Our ranking on app stores says it all. When it comes to desktop applications, there are several thousands of downloads and dozens of positive reviews.

4.26 out of 5

160+ reviews
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Our features

Free TikTok likes

Free TikTok likes

Real accounts. Real likes. Totally free. That's our philosophy and we stick to it. We're certain that you'll enjoy it. Download the app and see for yourself.

Your data is secure

Your data is secure

When you log in with your TikTok, our app doesn't store your password. This way you can rest assured that whatever happens - your credentials are safe.

Easy as 1-2-3

Easy as 1-2-3

Download, authorize and forget about the app until you want to withdraw likes. Like4Like on desktop collects likes in the background for you.

Over 2000+ users

Over 2,000+ users

Apps for Windows and Mac has been downloaded thousands of times. The apps are digitally signed and provide a high level of security.

Skip registration

Skip registration

All your data is associated with your TikTok account. There's not cumbersome registration process, simply log in and enjoy Like4Like.



You can download our Windows or Mac app. You'll have the same smooth experience no matter which operating system you use.

Download now

Join thousands of other Like4Like users on Mac and Windows. Download the app now and start getting real likes for free, today.

Questions? We've got the answers!

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How do I download and install Like4Like on MacOS?

Download Like4Like for MacOS by clicking here. Minimum supported MacOS version is 10.10 (Yosemite). You can check your Mac version by clicking on the Apple logo in the top-left corner and selecting "About This Mac".

Once finished, click on the .dmg installer and drag Like4Like into the "Application" folder within the installer window. You can then launch Like4Like from your "Launchpad" or from the "Application" folder.

How does login work?

When you launch the application for the first time you'll have to log in. There is no registration on Like4Like, what happens instead is that you sign up with your TikTok account. This is how it works.

The window that you will see is the actual TikTok page, proceed to log in as usual, enter your username and password, and complete two-factor verification if requested. The details that you enter are not stored in our apps and they are not sent to our servers. Remember, you actually log in on TikTok.

Once you've logged in you'll be presented with a screen showing your account details and amount of available likes.

Will you save my TikTok password?

No. We do not store your login credentials. Actually, we don't even have access to them while you're logging in. You can rest assured that your confidential details stay this way.

What should I do to earn likes?

Make sure that you are logged in and that your "Liking" switch (the blue switch) is activated. Your Like4Like app exchanges likes with other users automatically. Once your account makes a like you will see your "Available likes" amount go up within a minute or so.

Can I earn likes faster?

Your account will be earning likes from liking posts whenever there are other users withdrawing likes. The system decides who will get to make a like completely automatically but there's a way to influence it in your favour.

The system prefers TikTok accounts that have:
1. A profile picture
2. A profile description
3. At least six posts

Therefore if you want to increase chances of you account getting selected follow those three rules.

Is it possible to transfer earned likes to a different account?

This is not possible for one simple reason. If we allow this, users will be able to sign up with their secondary or even fake accounts to "farm likes". This will decrease the amount of real accounts on the network which will ruin experience for everyone.

Can I log in with a different account?

It's possible, but remember that the likes that you've earned stay with your TikTok account and are not transferable.

To do so, open the Like4Like app and click on the "More" tab in the top bar, you will see a drop-down menu where you can select "Log out". Once you're logged out, you can log in using a different TikTok account.

I stopped earning likes a while ago, what's going on?

This may happen for a number of reasons. Your account may have simply been unlucky. You should be worried only if you haven't earned a single like in over two days despite your computer being actively used during that time.

Here are two important rules:
1. Avoid using a VPN or proxies while Like4Like is running. There's a big chance that the VPN or proxy IP address is blacklisted on TikTok. This will not affect your regular browsing but you may encounter issues whenever you're liking or following people.
2. Avoid using other apps that interact with your TikTok otherwise you'll be doing way too much activity which will result in TikTok preventing you from liking, following, sending DMs or posting comments.

If the points above don't apply to you try simply logging out and logging in again. This will refresh your TikTok session. Just make sure to wait at least 12 hours after each time you log in.

How do I spend likes on my posts?

Congratulations on earning your first likes! Time to withdraw them. It's easy. Click on the "Withdraw Likes" button in your Like4Like app and select the post that you want to get likes on. Then enter an amount and that's it. You will see likes getting delivered within seconds.

You can withdraw any amount of likes whenever you want.

Will people know if I use Like4Like?

There is no way of telling whether you are a member of the Like4Like network. The only way for someone to learn that is if they're users of Like4Like themselves who happen to get a like from you when they decide to withdraw likes, even in that case it's not really possible to know. However it's not very likely because there are tens of thousands active users at any point in time therefore chances of you liking a specific person's posts are slim.

Is this safe for my TikTok?

To answer the most pressing question, you will not get banned for using Like4Like. We take this issue very seriously. We do not wish to compromise your account and we investigate every complaint. There has not been a single case of a user getting banned.

That is not to say that TikTok doesn't care at all. Some of our users occasionally get restricted from liking or following on their TikTok account as a result of doing too much activity but it's harmless. An account will simply be unable to do certain actions for several hours and after that things will get back to normal.

We have a system in place that monitors how many likes your account has done to avoid triggering such restrictions.

I already use Like4Like, should I get the app for another device?

We don't recommend running Like4Like from multiple devices simultaneously. This will increase your chances of earning likes but at the same time your account will end up doing much more activity. A lot of activity coming from multiple devices may result in TikTok considering your actions as spam and restricting you from liking any more posts for several hours. There are no consequences for getting these restrictions, you will not get penalized further but this may result in you getting less likes in total.

What we can recommend doing instead is this. If you haven't earned any likes on one of your devices for a minimum of 12 hours, you can try switching devices. Just make sure that only one of these devices has the "Activity switch" turned on so that their activity doesn't overlap.

Do I have to pay for the likes?

No, you will not be asked to pay at any point. You will not be asked to fill in a survey either. It's a key feature of Like4Like and we can't stress it enough. The likes are completely free and always will be!

Are the likes real?

Yes. Our network consists of real people just like you, TikTok users who wish to get likes for free. All we do is match people earning likes with people withdrawing likes automatically. It's that simple.

There are no bots and no fake accounts because we don't allow people to transfer likes from one account to another. You can't somehow earn likes with an empty account and then transfer them to your "main" account. We encourage people to use their real accounts to earn likes because that is the only way to ensure that everyone gets likes from real people when they withdraw.

Can I get followers through Like4Like?

Nope, that is not possible. At least right now. We've been experimenting with this idea but it turns out that an average TikTok user, especially if they're inclined to turn their account into a business, care a lot about followers/following ratio. Which is expected. However, this results in a need to make a system that punishes people for unfollowing and that isn't all that much fun.

It would be hard for people to earn thousands of followers the way it works with likes.

And in the end, the result might turn out to be underwhelming because of TikTok's recommendation feed. You are not guaranteed to see someone's latest post in your feed just because you follow that person. TikTok predicts whether you will find a post interesting enough based on your previous behaviour therefore engagement from Like4Like followers would be much lower than engagement from organic followers.

Who uses Like4Like?

We have users from all over the world. Literally. We get many emails from our users on a daily basis and have seen many accounts. Our users come from all continents and have different TikTok pages focused on different things. Some are here to try Like4Like for their personal pages, for fun. Others are starting their influencer careers and use Like4Like to increase engagement and promote their posts for free. We have seen some companies on our network, mostly start-ups and local fashion or florist shops. With over a million downloads combined across multiple platforms you'd see pretty much any age group and country.

Why should I choose Like4Like?

Let's be honest with you. There are not many places where you can earn real TikTok likes for free. Such pages either require you to spend your precious time or make it impossible to earn enough likes unless you pay.

Like4Like is truly unique in this sense. You will always get likes from real people. Our network is completely free to use. Every like that you make on the network will earn you one like that you can spend on any of your posts.

Why are TikTok likes important?

TikTok likes are a very valuable metric.

There are a number of reasons why. They show followers engagement which is an important metric for advertisers. Likes display your popularity compared to other users. Posts with many likes tend to perform better by signaling to users that this post is worth viewing.

The background for why many people find likes important is deeply psychological and you could spend a lot of time debating reasons for why it is so. The most important takeaway here is that getting likes is fun. It's what made us build this network.

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