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Boost your Instagram account with real likes. Our highly rated extension is available for Google Chrome. Install on your browser and start getting free likes right now!

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Grow your account

Many of our members use Like4Like only whenever they need to get a well-timed boost for their posts. You can always pause like exchange in our apps which gives you an ability to amass a small likes fortune and spend them later to grow your account at a natural pace.

Free. Real. Automatic!

These three words perfectly describe Like4Like. We strive to give you the best experience of getting real Instagram likes by making the process fully automated. Install the extension in two clicks and forget about it. It won't be disturbing you.

Open the extension whenever you need to boost your account and discover hundreds of likes ready to be withdrawn. Oh, and did we mention? All of that is free. You will not be asked to pay for anything at any point.

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Heart symbolizing a like being received
Heart symbolizing a like being received
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No password required

Our extension for Google Chrome does not ask for your login credentials. Therefore you can rest assured that your secrets will stay with you. In order to activate Like4Like all you'll have to do is log in on Instagram in your Chrome as usual. That's it.

Authenticating in this way is easy and seamless for you, all while being very secure and keeping a high level privacy.

Incredible rating

Just over 100,000 people have installed Like4Like extension for Google Chrome. To say the least, we're very proud.

4.6 out of 5

890+ reviews
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Our features

Real and free

Thousands of likes

Many of our users have withdrawn hundreds of thousands of real likes already. Install Like4Like Chrome extension & see the likes come in. What are you waiting for?

Safe login

Privacy is important

Your personal information belongs to you and should not be for sale. We don't require access to any unnecessary data. We take this seriously.

Real growth

Achieve results easily

You can use the extension to give your posts a little boost to reach a wider audience or to increase the overall engagement rate for your Instagram account.


Over 40 000 users

This isn't just a number of downloads. We're talking about 40 000 real people who are currently using the extension to grow their online presence.


Simple by design

No sign-up forms. No ads. No paywalls. Our design is slick and simple but you still have full control over Like4Like activity. Try it and see for yourself.

High availability

Google Chrome

Available wherever Chrome browser can be installed. Our extension is distributed through Chrome Web Store which is a sign of security & trustworthiness.

Get likes now!

Become one of the 30,000 active users who already have the Like4Like Chrome extension installed. It's secure, works automatically and it's absolutely free.

Our native apps

Not a big fan of Chrome? Not to worry!
We have apps for Windows, Mac and Android.

Desktop app

Desktop App

App for Windows and MacOS always get the latest updates first. They're easy to use and are digitally signed for added security.

Android app

Android App

A million people have downloaded Like4Like on their Android phones. Become one of them and start getting free likes.

We have the answers

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Where can I get Like4Like Chrome extension?

There is only one place where you can download Like4Like extension. It's on the official Google Chrome Web Store accessible through this link. This is our only official distribution channel.

Does it work only with Google Chrome?

There are multiple browsers that support Chrome extensions either out of the box or with simple adjustments.

Brave browser supports Chrome extensions by default.

Opera will require you to install a special extension to support Chrome extensions. There's a great article written by creators of Opera on how to do that.

Firefox the same as opera. You have to install a special extension first. Read this article by How-To Geek on how to do that.

Edge actually supports the extensions, but you'll have to tweak it a little bit. Read how to install Chrome extension on Edge here.

We have not tried the methods above but we certainly hope that they work for you. If not, please let us know through the feedback form. We plan on including more browsers in the near future and your email may just nudge us towards doing it a tiny bit earlier.

Does it really work?

Yes, but don't take our word for it. We have over 40 000 active users and they have spoken, read Like4Like extension reviews to see what they think.

If that isn't enough for you, check out what users think about our Android app on the Google Play store page. Like4Like on Android has over a million downloads and tens of thousands

Do I have to log in?

Like4Like extension works differently compared to apps. You do not have to login on Instagram through the extension. We will ask you to log in using your browser (if you aren't logged in already). This will require you to navigate to Instagram login page and sign in as usual. The extension will detect that you are logged in automatically and display a screen showing your username and profile picture.

Your likes will be connected to your Instagram account which means that you can logged in on another device later and all of your likes will be available for withdrawal even there.

Will you have access to my Instagram login details?

Absolutely not. The whole idea behind you logging in through a web page outside of the extension itself is that you don't have to entrust us with your login details. In fact, none of our apps get access to your login or password when you authorize.

This way you can stay assured that your data stays secret whatever happens and we won't have to handle your sensitive data.

What should I do to get likes?

You don't have to do anything and that's the beauty of it. The Like4Like extension does everything automatically but there is something to consider. Your like exchange is running only when Chrome is open. You don't have to go to Instagram, you don't have to do anything special. Just use Chrome as you would normally and remember to leave at least one Chrome window running, it doesn't have to be in the foreground, you can keep Chrome minimized.

Can I get likes faster?

First and foremost, since your like exchange is running only when your Chrome browser is open, make sure to leave it running (you can minimize it so that it's open in the background). But if your browser is already open all the time, make sure to follow these recommendations.

In order to increase your chances of getting likes, make sure that your account has:
1. A profile picture
2. A profile description
3. At least six posts

These things factor in whenever system is deciding which account to select. It's not the end of the world if your account doesn't have one of the above, but we recommend you doing that because this will not only increase your chances of earning likes on Like4Like network but will increase your account's organic growth as well.

Is it possible to transfer my likes to someone else?

This is not possible. We strive to encourage people to use their real accounts on Like4Like and allowing like transfer would compromise that because it would allow users to earn likes with fake or secondary accounts to later spend them on their real account.

We want everyone to enjoy the system and we want people to get not just silly numbers but likes from real accounts.

How do I use multiple accounts?

This is specific for Google Chrome. If you have installed Like4Like extension on a different browser these recommendations may not work.

First of all, we don't recommend running Like4Like on multiple devices. Meaning, you shouldn't download Like4Like on desktop and then install the extension to earn likes faster. This may cause Instagram to flag your activity as spammy and prevent you from doing more likes for several hours. This isn't a problem for most users but you may miss out on many likes this way.

This guide is more for those who have two accounts and want to run them on one Chrome. Be aware that there is a risk of getting blocked from liking more posts when doing this because you will be liking posts from two different accounts on one computer which is not ideal. However, if you're ready, here's how to do it.

In Chrome, there are user profiles. You can learn about them from a BetterCloud tutorial here. Each of your Chrome profiles has different settings and different set of extensions. You can install our extension on two different profiles and as long as you have a window with both profiles open, both extensions will be working independently of each other.

I have stopped earning likes

This is not an issue unless you haven't earned a single like in a day of actively using your Chrome browser. In that case, here are some things to consider.

Instagram may dislike increased liking activity on your profile for a number of reasons. We do our best to mitigate that issue, but sometimes our measures are not enough. Here's what you need to be aware of:

1. It's best not to use VPNs when Like4Like is running because IP addresses that VPNs have are very often used for "undesirable" activities. If you've ever opened Google when using VPN or proxy and been asked to verify that you're human, that's because of the bad IP address. Liking a couple of posts while on VPN will probably be fine, but having it active on hours at a time may cause Instagram to restrict your browser session from doing more likes. In order to fix that, you will have to log out of Instagram in your Chrome and log in again. This will reset your session and solve the issue.

2. Don't use other programs that interact with your Instagram while Like4Like is running. Doing too much activity on Instagram will eventually end up in you being blocked from liking, following or commenting for several hours. This is harmless for your account but you will lose time and potential likes.

The best thing you can do to reset your account is to wait some time and relog on Instagram. This solves most issues.

How do I spend likes on my posts?

That's the easy part! We're happy that you're ready to withdraw likes. In the extension, there's a big button "Withdraw Likes" which will take you to the screen where you can select any of your recent Instagram posts.

Can other people see that I use Like4Like?

For any person to learn that you use Like4Like they will need to be a part of our network themselves and be very lucky.

There is no way to tell that an Instagram user is a member of a like exchange network. If you were looking to understand whether a specific person was registered on Like4Like you would have to become an active member, earn likes and withdraw them in hope of getting a like from that specific person.

Considering that we have thousands of active users at any point in time, chances of you getting a like from, say, a friend who is also using Like4Like, are very small.

Will Instagram punish me for using Like4Like?

You will not get banned. Period. What Instagram will do if they notice that you do too many likes or follows, or any activity for that matter is that they will prevent you from doing more of that activity. These restrictions usually last for several hours and once the restriction is lifted you can continue doing whatever you were doing previously.

This system that Instagram has in place in order to prevent spam will not always restrict you from doing more likes across all of your sessions, meaning you can get blocked in your Chrome browser but you will be able to like normally inside Instagram's app.

Why are the likes free?

Let's start with this. The likes are free, completely free, no strings attached. If you're using our Android app you can choose to watch ads instead of liking other users to earn likes (and in this way help us run Like4Like) but other than that we will not force you to watch ads, subscribe to some newsletter or complete surveys.

Like4Like is first and foremost a project that we created for fun. It was an interesting idea of connecting real people to automatically like each others posts. It is a unique experience and we intend for our network to stay free.

How do you make sure that the likes are from real people?

We don't have to because Like4Like is the place where real people to come together to like each other's Instagram posts. There are no bots here. We encourage everyone to sign up with their real Instagram accounts and we don't allow transferring likes between accounts this way ensuring that if someone wants to get likes for their real account they will have to use that account to earn likes first.

This is why our users praise our applications and keep coming back. We're very proud that Like4Like became a well-known, unique platform for exchanging real likes that it is today.

Can I get followers this way?

We don't have an option to earn followers and there's actually a whole story about it. Shortly, we've tried, we've done some tests and the results were underwhelming. Please, be aware of any pages that promise you to get hundreds of followers for free. They either won't do it for free or will run away with your account details.

If you want to know why we don't have followers exchange, here's the gist of it. Creating a platform where people can exchange millions of likes every day requires a lot of planning and technical know-how but creating a platform for exchanging followers requires you to go beyond that. It requires you to alter users' psychology, here's why.

Instagram makes it blatantly clear how many people follow you compared to how many people you are following. The sole idea of Instagram fame is a large number of followers. While liking hundreds of posts per day doesn't upset anyone, having to follow 1 user for getting 1 follower back is much more sensitive.

People tend to clear their following list so that their posts and story feed doesn't get cluttered and that makes sense. Only, we have to counteract this because in a follow for follow system you can't be unfollowing left and right, there have to be penalties which will make you upset. Then there's the issue of you not being able to follow more than 7500 users but in order to reach that cap you'd have to be fine with having 7500 followers and following 7500 users back.

On top of that, followers earned this way will give you much less engagement than organic followers thanks to Instagram's predictive feed. It will filter out posts that don't fall in line with your regular interests and with all likelihood Instagram will deem that the majority of your non-organic followers won't find your posts interesting enough.

Who uses Like4Like?

Users of Like4Like applications come from all age groups and countries all over the world. Seriously, point out any country on a map and we have at least one user from there. There are people using Like4Like for fun and there are social media savvy users who time withdrawal of likes to promote their posts and create additional engagement. We're happy that our apps find their use in the hands of such a diverse audience.

Why would I choose Like4Like?

Like4Like is a unique place where you can get real likes from real people on any of your post at any time for free. There's nobody who can beat that. We have apps for different platforms so that you can enjoy Like4Like on any device.

How important are likes on Instagram?

Numbers are very important on Instagram in general be it followers, likes or comments. For instance, followers tell a story of your account, showing how many people are interested you but that number alone doesn't tell us enough. Likes provide important detail giving away maybe the most important information such as why your followers are interested in you and how well you manage to engage them as an influencer.

Your account may have a theme, it may be telling us a story or showing-off products that gives a user an impression of what your Instagram is about. However, looking at your most-liked posts will show what your audience really came for. Your worst-performing posts will give us a clue as to what your followers dislike and your engagement numbers in general will show how well you retain you audience's interest in a time where someone's full attention is very expensive.

This information is nerdy, your followers won't try to calculate your engagement ratio, but people interested in working with you such as advertisers, influencers or other partners will.

Before you go

Don't miss out on Like4Like for Mac and Windows! While you're at it, take a look at our Like4Like Android app as well. If you want to get in touch or have any questions head on to our support page.

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