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Get real Instagram likes for free on Android. Our app is available on Google Play with wide device support. Download right now to start earning thousands of likes.

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Free likes

This is the essence of Like4Like since day one. All likes that you earn are yours, free to use & spend as you see fit. There are no fees, there's no catch.

Only real people

We encourage everyone to sign up with their real Instagram accounts. You can't transfer likes between accounts on Like4Like, so if you wish to get likes from real people who have posts, who post stories, who are truly active - you'll have to sign up with your real account as well.

This way, whenever you withdraw likes, you can expect to see likes from people who have signed up on Like4Like just the way you did.

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Heart symbolizing a like being given
Heart symbolizing a like being given
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Your privacy is important

You can expect all of our apps to require a bare minimum of access to your devices. This is especially true on a platform as transparent as Android. We don't do anything weird with your data or abuse our privileges.

If you want to support Like4Like, you can choose to watch an advertisement and we'll compensate your time by giving you some free likes. There are no pop-ups, banners, or forced advertisement.

Loved by users

After a million downloads and thousands of positive reviews we can proudly say that people enjoy our applications for real.

4.3 out of 5

11,600+ reviews
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Unique features

Real and free

Real & free

People just as yourself are using our applications to exchange likes with each other. All our apps are available free of charge and we intend for things to stay this way.

Safe login

Safe login

Our Android application does not have access to your password when you login through Instagram. This way offers a secure way for you to login.

Real growth

Explosive growth

You can get hundreds of real likes in under a week. On an average day, users of Like4Like network exchange millions of likes.


1 000 000+ downloads

Yes, you read that right. 1 million downloads and counting. We're serious about our like network being the best place to get likes for free.



You won't have to register or enter your email address. Your likes will be associated with your Instagram account across all your devices and apps.

High availability

High availability

All Like4Like apps are interconnected. You can install it on Windows, Mac, Chrome or Android and rest assured that your likes will be synced across devices.

Get the app

Become one of a million users who have downloaded Like4Like for Android phones. Rocking a 4.3 out of 5 rating we're the best rated application for increasing your Instagram engagement.

Other devices

Don't have an Android phone around? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Our apps are available on a number of platforms.

Desktop app

Desktop App

Desktop apps are loved by thousands of users for their simplicity. Download, activate & come back whenever you want to withdraw likes.

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Chrome Extension

The extension is best for those who use Chrome on their desktop a lot. It offers great security because it doesn't require you to log in through the extension.


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Where can I get the Like4Like Android app?

The only place where you can get Like4Like for Android is on our official Google Play store page. Do not trust any other sources. We publish Like4Like on Android only on Google Play!

Is the app real?

We understand that you may not trust us and that's okay. You don't have to rely on our word. Read our Like4Like Google Play reviews where over 12,000 users have left their praise and critique, and where we have a 4.3/5 rating. You can also see what Like4Like Chrome extension users think about our products.

These reviews are not motivated by rewards. We ask people to leave their real opinion so that you can see what they really think.

How do I login?

Once you open the app - we'll greet you with a tutorial screen after which you'll have to log in with your Instagram account details. Application will open Instagram login page where you will enter your details. We will not have access to your data when you authorize, you can rest assured that your credentials are safe.

When logging in, Instagram may ask you to complete two-factor verification if that's enabled on your account. Once logged in, you will be presented with a screen showing your account, profile picture and amount of available likes.

That's it. You're ready to go.

Do you store my Instagram password or other data?

We do not store your Instagram login and password. We simply don't need to, in fact, we can't even access them when you're authorizing in the application.

As to other data, most of what you see in the application, such as your post thumbnails and profile picture, is stored inside the application and doesn't leave your device. Our system only has to know your username to function properly.

How do I earn likes?

There are two ways. You either like posts or watch ads, the latter option is not mandatory, we will not force you to watch ads but it helps us run our servers and helps you get extra likes.

When it comes to liking, you can (and we highly recommend you to) turn on your automatic liking switch. It will allow you to close the app and continue doing your regular activities while Like4Like runs in the background. If you don't want to like everything, you can leave your app open and select which posts to like one by one as they appear on your screen.

Can I earn likes automatically?

Yes. As mentioned in the answer above, you can activate automatic liking that will run in background. When on "Earn likes" screen, activate the "Like posts automatically" switch and the app will do everything for you.

Is there any way to get likes faster?

There are two things you can do. The first option is increasing amount of generated likes by ensuring that your account has:

1. A profile picture
2. A profile description
3. At least six posts

If you have all of the above and you still don't get as many likes as you wish, you can watch ads on the "Home" screen of the app. That way you will get likes instantly and many users opt-in to watch ads while their liking is running to maximizethe amount of earned likes.

What are available and pending likes?

"Available" likes are earned likes which are available for withdrawal right now. When you like someone's post it takes a little time for Like4Like to confirm that your like went through. Therefore in order to show you that we're working on verifying your like, you will see it being placed in "Pending" likes count and only when verified gets transferred to "Available".

It doesn't take very long for your like to get confirmed and transferred to "Available". Usually no longer than two minutes.

Can I transfer my earned likes to someone else?

This is not possible. Transferring likes would allow people to farm likes using their alternative or outright empty accounts which isn't what we want. Like4Like was designed for providing its users with real likes, from real people, using real accounts. Therefore we don't have an option to transfer likes and we don't plan on adding it in the future.

Can I use multiple accounts?

Yes. Your likes will stay connected to your Instagram account. To switch to a different account all you have to do is log out by going to the right-most screen in the app and tapping on "Log out from this account". This will take you to login screen where you can log in with your other account as usual.

I haven’t earned new likes in a while, why?

If your app hasn't gotten you any likes after running for a whole day - keep reading. There are many things to consider here. The most common problem is that Instagram may deem your activity as too spammy and prevent you from liking any more posts. There is a number of reasons for why this could happen and here's a list of our recommendations:

1. Avoid using VPNs and proxies when running Like4Like. Many of the IP addresses on these networks are flagged and Instagram will react by restricting some actions.

2. Avoid using other apps or programs together with Like4Like. Too much activity will result in Instagram restricting your actions.

If none of the points above apply to you. Try logging out of your account within the app and logging in again. This solves many common issues.

How can I spend my likes?

This is the most fun part. Go to the "Withdraw likes" screen and your app will load your latest Instagram posts. Select any post and enter amount to withdraw. Remember that you can only withdraw "Available" likes.

That's it. You'll see likes coming in to your post almost instantly.

Will others see if I use Like4Like?

There is no way to look up if you're using Like4Like. The only way for someone to learn that is if they're users of Like4Like themselves who happen to get a like from you when they decide to withdraw likes, even in that case it's not really possible to know. However none of this very likely because of the amount of active users on the network.

Can I get in trouble with Instagram?

Nobody has been banned for using Like4Like. Your account is safe in this way. It does happen that Instagram restricts you from doing more likes, follows or post more comments, however these restrictions are only temporary and doesn't affect your account in the long term.

We can confidently say so because we take these issues seriously and investigate all complaints from our users.

Is it safe to run Like4Like on multiple devices?

We don't recommend running multiple instances of Like4Like for one account because this may result in your account doing too much activity. You would earn more likes in the short term but if Instagram reacts to this increased activity, negatively flagging it as spam, your account may get restricted from doing more likes for a short period of time which could make you end up gaining less likes than if you would've used Like4Like only on one device.

Are the likes actually free?

Yes. Likes are free to earn and you can spend them without paying anything. You will have full access to all Like4Like features from the get-go, on all platforms. Always free of charge.

How can I be sure that I will get real likes?

One of the most important features of Like4Like is real likes. That's why we created this network. All users are real people, we encourage usage of primary Instagram accounts so that there are as few throw-away accounts as possible. You will be getting likes from these users just as they will be getting likes from your account.

In short, yes. You will be getting only real likes.

Is it possible to earn followers instead?

Exchanging followers is much more complicated than likes. People are very conscious about their followers to following ratio. Everyone wants to have many followers but very few people are fine with following hundreds of people just to increase their followers.

This would require us to build a system that monitors followers lists of all users on the network and punishes people for unfollowing. That is not fun.

Getting hundreds of followers would require you to follow all of those people back. This is not comparable to getting thousands of likes from simply liking other people's posts.

Who are your users?

There are hundreds of thousands of people using Like4Like on a daily basis. We have users from all over the world, name any country. Use cases differ from using Like4Like for fun to promoting business accounts.

We're proud to see so many people from different places, different age groups and with different interests enjoying Like4Like.

Why would I go with Like4Like?

To be frank, there isn't a lot of choice. We're not simply the most popular, best rated and most trusted source for free, real Instagram likes, Like4Like is the only place where you can get likes automatically, and extremely fast. Having apps for multiple platforms with millions of downloads, we're truly one of a kind like exchange network.

Are Instagram likes important?

The amount of likes that you get on your posts gives away a lot of information about your Instagram account. It signals how popular you and your posts are, it tells visitors of your account which posts your followers find most important and which posts are worth looking at.

It's a metric that Instagram wanted to remove but apparently community backlash stopped them in their tracks. That shows how important likes really are.

I can’t log in, all I see is a white screen

A handful of users have encountered this issue in Like4Like Android app version We are working on resolving it, but there's a workaround that you can use right now. This problem happens either just before Instagram requests you to complete two-factor verification or immediately after. Disabling two-factor authentication resolves this problem.

We understand the inconvenience of having to disable two-factor authentication and we completely understand if you do not want to do it. In that case we can only refer you to using our Windows and MacOS apps or Google Chrome extension.

How can I see my app version?

You can see your current app version on Android phones by going to the right-most screen inside the app. You will see the version just below app name. Currently widespread versions are, and

I don't get any more ads to watch

This question is about ads that you can voluntarily watch on Android app to get extra likes without liking other users.

The issue here is truly out of our hands. Whether you get served an ad or not is decided by the current situation in your region. There may be no more ads for you to watch because you've seen all ads available to you right now. Ad serving systems are very complex, all we can say is that you should check back in a little while. Don't forget to turn your automatic liking on to earn likes by exchanging with other users.

Likes earned from ads stay in "Pending" and then disappear

This question is about ads that you can voluntarily watch on Android app to get extra likes without liking other users.

We're currently investigating this issue more in-depth. It appears that our servers don't always get a verification from advertiser network that you've watched an ad. This results in your "Pending" like staying there and getting discarded after a while.

I’m seeing “Something went wrong” error when liking

This is somewhat normal. If something goes wrong when Like4Like is giving out a like you will see this message. What will happen next is that your app retries liking the next minute and most of the time the problem gets resolved automatically.

However, if you get this message each time your app attempts a like, you should relog. You can do so by going to the right-most screen, clicking on "Log out from this account" and logging in again.

App disappears after running in the background

This issue appears when the app is running in automatic mode in the background. Most Android devices have monitoring programs that help you reduce battery consumption by shutting down apps that consume resources in the background. This is exactly what happens to Like4Like on some devices. There are ways to resolve this inconvenience from your end, if you need help with this issue you can contact our team on this page.

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For instance, did you know that we have a Chrome Extension and a native app for both Windows and MacOS. They work great and our users love them! If you have any questions, check out our support pages.

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