Published on 16th of March, 2022

Original Instagram Caption Ideas for Any Post

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A picture can describe thousands of words, while words can enhance the effect by providing context, telling a story, or adding an air of mystery.

Similarly, to complete your Instagram posts, you need the strategic use of captions. You might also add a caption to share selfie quotes, direct your customers to your bio link, or increase the post engagement.

For some Insta marketers, the thought of writing a month's worth of good captions is a nerve-wracking task. And making sure that each caption is enjoyable, compelling, and eventually encourages action isn’t the easiest thing to do. 

That's why in this article, we’ll provide you the best Instagram caption ideas to grow an engaged following on your page.


What's the importance of post captions on Instagram? 

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While great images and videos are the top priority on Instagram, your caption can take the impact and engagement to the next level. Alongside the growing use of text-based visuals, long-form captions remain popular. But you can't ignore the importance of shorter captions.

For instance, if you’re posting a valued-packed and informative carousel, you may not need to write such a lengthy caption.

However, more extended captions are the best way to provide real value to your followers by giving them room to share your wisdom and listen to your stories.

Moreover, great Instagram captions not only improve your connection with your community but also prove your authority in your niche. So, whichever caption style you select, don't leave it as an afterthought.


1. Re-introduce yourself after every few weeks

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You can share an introductory Instagram caption for your new followers and loyal fans. People are curious and want to learn about their favorite brands.


2. Show people behind-the-scenes of your business

Take people with you on a typical day in your work. For one, most fans love going on this journey with you.

You can use timestamps to call out the highlights or share a summary of the day. So, make your behind-the-scenes Instagram caption more original to increase your following and engagement.


3. Share a transformation

Everybody loves to see a transformation, whether it’s about you and your business or sharing about someone who used your products or services.

E.g., skincare brands usually show off a transformation with a before-and-after picture or clip. They use this to build people's trust and interest level, so they buy your products to get the same results.


4. Provide step-by-step guides


One of the best Instagram captions is the one that provides practical lessons or step-by-step strategies.

These work well with text-based carousels, IGTV content, and Reels—encouraging people to hit Save.

Educational captions offer real benefits to users, with the help of bullet points to break up the information into chunks. 

And tell them the rewards of implementing your advice. Will it help improve their health, book more sales calls, better their mindset, or make them feel more confident? 


5. Celebrate a milestone 

It could be a new team member you’re bringing on board or your business anniversary. Just make sure to celebrate these landmarks with your followers. 


6. Share your objectives 

Share your short or long-term goals with your community, telling them where you see yourself in the next 6-12 months. This will give your followers a behind-the-scenes peek at your journey. 


7. Share your opinion on your business

Expressing your thoughts about your niche is a great way to attract potential customers and demonstrate your expertise. You also get to repel those whose views differ wildly from yours.


8. Promote your products or services 

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Your Instagram caption should also provide an opportunity for promotion. To create this kind of captions as captivating as possible, make sure to describe the unique benefits or features of your offer.

It would help if you don’t shy away from talking about your services. Take the opportunity to expand on your services in an original Instagram caption.


9. Bust a myth

By breaking some common myths that surround your niche, you educate your followers. You’re thereby building trust with your community, proving your authority, and showing off your capabilities. It’s essential to turn your followers into loyal fans. 


10. Offer a freebie

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If you have a free guide, tool, video, or template that can solve one of your followers’ pain points, talk about it. Explain how and why it’ll improve your potential customers' lives.

The healthier you can make this, the more your followers will DM or click the link in your bio to take the next step.


Guidelines for crafting the best Instagram captions

  • Your words should fulfill the needs and expectations of your audience.

  • Identify your brand voice (qualities and values). Kindly make a list and use it to shape your captions.

  • If possible, keep your caption brief; try to use 125 characters or fewer. 

  • Place the key points or most important words in the first three lines of the caption.


A list of call-to-actions for you to use

Just in case you’re ever stuck for a CTA to use in your Instagram caption, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Act before it's too late!

  2. Click the link in the bio

  3. Double-tap 

  4. Share this post with your loved ones

  5. Get your discount before it's gone!

  6. Tag a friend

  7. Could you send us a DM? 

  8. Comment below

  9. Tag your friends using *insert branded hashtag*

  10. Save this post for later 

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