Published on 19th of April, 2023

12 Expert Predictions on Social Media Marketing in 2023

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It can be overwhelming to follow the ever-changing world of social media marketing, but being on top of the game has never been easier, thanks to narrowing market trends. You just need to stay ahead of your competition!

Do you want to make sure your business is on the cutting edge next year? You can achieve this by knowing what the trends are likely to be on social media. Knowing the important trends is a crucial part of maximizing your success.

Below are 12 marketing predictions for 2023 to help you get ahead of your competition. They were provided by business leaders and industry experts so that you can stay ahead in today's market.

1. Facebook ads are becoming too expensive for advertisers

FB advertising will likely see more competition next year, so you should start planning your ads now.

Facebook's ad system will provide an improved user experience and better targeting. You can expect to reach the same target audiences at more cost.

Their pricing is complex because different types of ads are priced significantly differently. Companies may encounter one issue - their order value or ad effectiveness may be too low to make the correct price tag, and they get priced out of the marketplace.

Consumer acquisition costs are skyrocketing due to increased competition, but more businesses recognize the importance of brand permanence.

2. There is a steady rise in LinkedIn CPC

Driving traffic via LinkedIn has become problematic in 2021 as it's costing more now than ever before.

A study reveals that once objective-based advertising was introduced in March 2019, there’s been an extreme increase in CPC (cost per click) for LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn surpassed expectations in Q4 2020 due to its more focused advertising campaign, which is trying to generate revenue from people with specific interests.

Well, it could be Facebook's rising prices that have forced advertisers to look for other avenues.

If LinkedIn CPC drops in January, we'll know if this increase is solely due to seasonality, FB, or something else.

3. Organizations are turning towards more organic video content due to the rising cost of advertising

Social media ads are becoming more expensive, which means content marketing is getting more popular.

Intelligent marketers are putting their money into highly engaging video content that's helpful to future customers. We'll soon see more effective use of video marketing methods in the social media sphere.

Video is a great way to capture an audience's attention in a world full of new media. Brands need to remain as relevant as possible in the ever-changing social landscape, and video can help achieve this.

4. The power of Stories has continued to grow on Instagram and Facebook

Stories on Facebook and Instagram will continue to grow in popularity throughout 2023. They'll slow down traditional feed content, but it'll be worth it.

The platforms briefly tested a merged, horizontal interface but were met with negative feedback.

Facebook needs to provide a way for its users to gradually adapt its new merged feed. They can do this by either having both platforms gradually phased in or by phasing one platform first and then the other after that.

5. Customized brand-to-customer experiences are becoming necessary

By 2023, more brands will see a shift in their internet marketing. Social media has evolved to include more private conversation channels like WhatsApp and Messenger, where personalized brand-to-customer interactions are happening.

Brands that don't manage their marketing well enough will have to pay more to compete against other brands. Relevant content and personalized experiences are pretty essential to beat the competition.

6. Template-based marketing has failed to yield positive results

People quickly get tired of seeing mundane and uninspiring ads. As social media has become a place for you to be creative, it helps brands and businesses compare themselves against the competition to come up with something unique and innovative.

Here are three points to make your social marketing efforts successful:

  • What type of content is your ideal customer interested in?

  • Where will your customers search for this content?

Selling is not always easy, but it's worth the effort. Pay attention to why prospects struggle with decision-making and how they ultimately identify and choose a supplier.

7. Achieve better results by reducing your channels

Some companies struggle to reach their target audience with their current marketing strategy because they’re too diversified.

By cutting out some platforms you're using and focusing on one or two particular channels and strategies, you can see an increase in the number of people who subscribe to your page.

8. Niche marketing is key to success

In 2023, you'll need to focus on segmenting your customer base instead of reaching everyone everywhere. Quality will have to be more important than quantity for your company.

To achieve this outcome, choose a platform that matches your niche customer demographic. In some cases, you might want to choose two platforms, as this allows you to target similar audiences with your content.

9. TikTok may have a similar future as Snapchat

One of the trends to continue in 2023 is the continued growth of the world's most popular social media platforms. Companies with lots of followers are seeing traction in this field these days.

Still, it’s hard to say whether TikTok will end up following a similar path of gradual decline to that of Snapchat in 2023. The platform is quite popular now, but it's uncertain how long it can maintain this level of interest.

Social platforms carry a lot of weight in today's society, so it will be necessary for businesses to figure out which one they'll use. They are now only likely to invest in one or two platforms—these networks are all becoming oversaturated.

Marketers and brand owners will likely put their energy into the next big thing in 2023.

10. Personalized micro-engagements are essential on Instagram

You may find yourself missing out on the success you're looking for if your company does not have a solid social media presence. Investing in a strategy for Instagram may help to get more of the results you want and need.

People like personal communications these days, so start facilitating some yourself! When someone tags or mentions your Instagram profile, make sure to do more of that and send a voice recording via Instagram Direct. These interactions are becoming more and more popular thanks to the benefits they offer.

11. Authentic content will always be preferred

Consumers today are distrustful of deceptive marketing techniques. This will lead them to look for ways to trust businesses again and be able to cooperate effectively.

In 2023, you can expect more workplaces to provide accurate, honest answers about the customer side of things. 2023 is the year when brands will have to be more empathetic.

12. The use of AI will skyrocket

AI will change the face of marketing shortly. It's already evolving social media and eventually will impact every industry. 2023 marks the start of what is sure to be a monumental event for all marketers.

AI has the potential to replace marketers and copywriters in the workplace. As advertising becomes increasingly automated, marketing managers will need to adapt to these changes by designing analytics or writing code for their projects.

Even content creators and influencers are not safe from artificial intelligence. It can be used to automate inherently human tasks since it's possible to create algorithms to address any task.

13. Social media will remain a part of daily life

Social media is becoming increasingly popular across the globe, and people are searching for it more than ever before.

Social media use has increased not only in the amount of time people spend on these platforms but also in users. This trend can be attributed to the fact that social media is now more widespread.

On average, people spend about 145 mins on social media every day - about 60 mins longer than 2012. This has increased dramatically since the upward trend of usage began.

Final tips

With a reliable and adjustable marketing solution, you never have to worry about what the future might bring. You can rely on your plans and actions with confidence and give them a good shot at succeeding in any situation.

Business process and social media management software can help you save time and money by helping you make smarter business and marketing decisions. These tools have the potential to increase efficiency in your daily operations.

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