Published on 24th of August, 2022

Top 5 Instagram Marketing Strategy Examples for Small Businesses

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Instagram is one of the top-rated social networks today. Where this app glows, however, is its level of user engagement.

On the platform, small businesses record engagement rates that are higher than on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. What's more, it's nicknamed "the king of social media," collecting 4.2 billion likes per day.

Using the social network can place your product/service in front of potential buyers. Moreover, in our research, we observed many new brands, and their impressive visuals were the first step in convincing us to visit their site and continue shopping.

Well, what places Instagram apart is the capacity for small businesses to show their offerings without overly promoting them.

Photographs let viewers choose without feeling pressure from your brand, excluding the dreaded used-car seller from the scenario.

Small businesses who do well on Instagram show off their goods without coming off as too pushy, which ends in creative representation.

We've compiled a list of 5 such businesses, along with the strategy that fuels their successful social feeds:

1. Pura Vida Bracelets

The company was founded in San Diego five years ago by two freshly graduated friends. Their site reveals the story of how it all began: "Pura Vida" is a Spanish word meaning "pure life," a Costa Rican philosophy that promotes the appreciation of life's pure treasures.

Celebrating good luck and refusing to take anything for granted are elements of this laid-back lifestyle. Pura Vida suggests choosing to live life to the fullest. It's more than just a maxim; it's a lifestyle.

Brand's Instagram strategy… 

  • This relaxed lifestyle incontestably fuels Pura Vida's Instagram feed. As you scroll through their images, you're moved to sunny, laid-back yet simple places.

  • Every photo is full of personality, allowing followers to imagine themselves with the product.

  • Thanks to Instagram marketing, their stock has reached customers all over the world.

As a small company, you can use social media to showcase your outputs in action. Show the culture and lifestyle that encircles your products; this will link positive feelings with your business.

2. CLUSE Watches

CLUSE Watches are designed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in a small atelier with professional watchmakers.

Their Instagram-worthy watches have seen CLUSE reach 700k followers, with buyers from all over the globe now ordering them.

Brand's Instagram strategy… 

  • An essential part of their strategy is posting user-generated content. Their clients often post snapshots of themselves wearing their watches. 

  • CLUSE ensures collecting these photographs and sharing them on their account while acknowledging the original Instagram account. This showcases their large fan base, showing customers that the brand cares about their input.

As a small company, you can do the same by featuring your consumers with your product. On your Instagram account, ask customers to share pictures with a particular hashtag or tag you in their photo.

This way, you can quickly gather all user-generated content for your brand. The idea is to make your feed a healthy balance between followers' photos and yours.

3. 33 Acres Brewing Company

33 Acres Brewing is a craft-beer brewing company established out of Vancouver. As their website states, "we're influenced by the natural components of our surroundings, stoked by creative thinking, and driven to make the most distinguished quality product."

Glancing at their site, logo, and vision, this brand is all about simplicity, minimalism, and quality.

Brand's Instagram strategy… 

  • 33 Acres is doing a great job of interpreting their brand into an Instagram account.

  • Their uniqueness shines through in every single picture that they share. 

  • Their Instagram feed carries a certain mood: cozy and straightforward.

Businesses need to produce a unique visual content style that is immediately recognizable every time their customers see a post in their newsfeed.

When it comes to images, brainstorm what you desire about your profile to convey and choose pictures that fit this style. When editing, stick to some predefined rules; that way, your images form a cohesive branded entity.

4. Letterfolk

Letterfolk is operated by a husband-and-wife team that designs and sells handcrafted letter boards. The boards all come with a complete set of characters so customers can personalize theirs.

This company's crew of two has managed to garner ~200k followers with their creative strategy.

Brand's Instagram strategy… 

  • Letterfolk's IG profile is entertaining and relatable.

  • Using their letter boards, they encourage their audience with engaging content.

  • All their images invite people to like them, tag others in them, and share them on social networks.

  • While the other accounts we reviewed have an air of perfection environing them, Letterfolk represents real life.

As a small business, you need to reach your customers on an emotional level. Your photos should make an intimate connection with followers.

5. Bien Cuit Bakery

Bien Cuit Bakery gets inspiration from the maxim "Bien cuit;" the French usually use it to describe the crunchiest and darkest loaves. This NYC-located bakery is all about making basic food, like bread, exceptional.

Brand's Instagram strategy… 

  • Their mission is essential for their Instagram account as it highlights their amazingly plated pastries and bread. And who doesn't adore well-prepared pictures of delicious food?

  • These photographs are so compelling, and you instantly want to go over there and taste them out.

  • Their approach is simply showcasing their product in the best possible way.

  • There are no elaborate filters, no gimmicks, just real food.

If you're a small brand in the food business, look no further for your Instagram plan. Food photography is one of the most attractive topics on Instagram, as people enjoy looking at drool-worthy treats.

Make sure your visuals are high-quality and well-lit, so your Instagram feed serves as an exquisite menu for your establishment. Happy marketing!

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