Published on 1st of November, 2023

How to Put Together Engaging Content for Your Social Media Channel

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Experts in content and social media marketing recommend providing your audience with high-quality, useful, and engaging content.

Seeing how content can influence customers, you certainly have to agree with them. However, putting together incredibly engaging content is not as easy as it sounds.

Well, if you struggle to grab the attention of your social media audience, here’s the text for you.

With the nuggets compiled in this article, putting together engaging social media content should be less tasking.

Best tips for putting together engaging content for any social network

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Social networks collectively have over 3.9 billion users. This means you can put yourself out there in front of any audience quite easily.

However, you must stop to ask yourself an important question. How well will your audience appreciate your content?

It’s one thing for users to notice your content; it’s another thing entirely to earn their genuine backing.

Besides, social networks are designed for social connections. No platform came to help you close sales, so the human part is quite essential.

You need to catch the attention of your audience genuinely; i.e., refrain from click-baiting and other shady strategies.

Each user will encounter posts from their friends, private messages from their family, and loads of other messages. How, then, do you become an important part of their social media experience?

The noise might be ‌loud, but you need to penetrate through and get yourself heard.

With the following nuggets, you can create engaging pieces of content that yield genuine effects on your social network:

1. The visual reigns supreme

Nothing is as rare as someone stopping their social media scroll to read a huge wall of text. Not even precious stones can be rarer than this.

Hence, when your post comprises a lot of words, they’ll probably end up unnoticed. If you truly wish to put your brand out there, always post an enticing image or video.

Upload visuals your target users can relate to. Do this consistently, and watch as those likes and comments skyrocket.

2. How about taking exclusive photos?

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Using stock photos on social media is certainly not the best idea. In fact, it’s high time you stopped doing that.

Why? Well, for one, these photos clearly don’t engage as well as their exclusive counterparts.

We've seen multiple studies comparing exclusive images with top-ranking stock photos. It turns out guests who viewed the former are way more probable to convert, subscribe, or sign up.

Check out these three tips for terrific social media photos:

  • Engage the services of a local photographer to take photos that conform to your editorial schedule.
  • For brands just starting, do well to take photos by yourself using a smartphone with high specs.
  • Ensure your images match the text/caption surrounding them. These photos are to condense concepts and nail the points.

3. Transform evergreen content into infographics

Here's a fact: people recall visual messages 65% better than just words.

You can make the most of this. Start by repurposing your favorite pieces of evergreen content into infographics. They can also come as social media images, graphs, and charts.

These tips will help you create the best infographics:

  • Focus on displaying your content’s central points.
  • Extract quotes from the content.
  • Also, you can rephrase your major points to make the content more shareable.
  • Utilize tools like Piktochart and Canva to create quality graphics.

4. Let your audience see those customer testimonials and reviews

Consider this scenario. You’re a customer ready to buy a new product, so you wish to first know more about it.

While looking for information, which source would you trust? A vendor promoting the product or a credible review from a verified buyer?

Well, if by chance you went for the first option, there’s only a small percentage of buyers like you. It turns out the rest of us are exploring online review sites for customer truths about a product.

Actually, a typical buyer checks out seven reviews before buying from a new brand.

So, obviously, reviews from pleased customers are strong attractions you can leverage when creating your content.

You might already have them on your website or blog, but ensure your social media audience sees them as well.

Select honest testimonials and reviews, then construct them into understandable bits. Finally, come up with catchy captions to go with these comments.

5. Organize interactive contests

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This is another potent way to curate great content for your audience and grab their attention. It works very fast as well.

You can grow your audience and add tons of engagement by organizing social media contests, giveaways, and promos.

Check out these three pointers (they will give you the result you want):

  • Like, comment, and share to be a part.

    Participants have to like your post and then share it with their friends to be a part of the contest.

  • Tag a friend or family.

    As they tag more of their network, your audience increases, and the higher the user’s chances of winning the contest

  • Create content around a specific theme.

    Your followers have to create posts following a theme you specify. Then, they tag your business page to be a part of the contest.

Don’t forget to always stick to the contest rules specified by each social network. Every single platform has distinct guidelines, so check them out before you come up with such an interactive program.

(This is one of the eight classic hacks to boost your Instagram marketing.)

6. Quote and tag top bloggers and social media influencers

When you include quotes from top bloggers and influencers in your content, you spark engagement.

So, proceed to:

  • Mention the influencers/bloggers you quoted.
  • Tag them on social media with a direct link to your content.
  • Don't forget to use a striking graphic to catch their attention.

These bloggers and influencers will definitely appreciate it!

More so, it’s a tremendous way to attract the interest of their followers. So, even if they don't respond, it’s still a win for you.

7. Add the perfect hashtags to your content

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By adding the right hashtags, you put yourself in front of a much broader audience. A good example is hashtags on Instagram that allow your post to emerge on that hashtag’s front page.

Nevertheless, remember that hashtags don’t work the same way on all social networks. E.g., they achieve massive engagement on Instagram but don’t get that much on Facebook.

Here’s a rough guideline on how many #tags will fit in your content depending on each social platform:

  • Facebook: 1-2
  • Pinterest: 2-5
  • Instagram: 5-10
  • Twitter: 1-2

8. Don’t leave out stories

Do not forget to take the time to post story content on your social networks. Why?

This will convince you: over 500 million people on the Gram use Stories daily. Also, more than half of all social media users affirm ‌they found out about a new brand through this engaging feature.

All in all, don’t miss out on this opportunity! Besides, these stories can be entertaining and stimulating for you to create.

Key takeaways

Truly, standing out on any social platform is not an easy task. Getting your brand to the audience you need is quite demanding.

Nevertheless, with customer-centric and visually stimulating content, you can connect with your audience more humanly. Let's see how high your brand soars with that.

Add up all these eight tips when creating your next social media content, and the results will speak volumes.

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