Published on 13th of September, 2023

11 Tips for Using Quote Posts on Instagram

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Because some creators use quote posts as filler content, you might think they’re merely placeholders to keep your Instagram account active while coming up with better content. In reality, your Instagram quote posts can create a massive engagement boost when using the right strategies. Let’s go over some ways you can take these posts to the next level. Then, instead of serving as filler, you can use quotes to reach your marketing goals.

1. Use Quotes That Support Your Mission and Goals

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Some creators and brands make the mistake of using random quotes that don’t fulfill a goal or mission. Thus, the quotes take up space on the page without propelling the account forward. Each post should contribute to your overall strategy, so make sure the quotes you select serve a purpose on your page.

You can use the Brainy Quote website to search for quotes by category. Then, look through all the options until you find something that aligns with your brand.

2. Include Your Own Images

If you want to increase engagement while staying on point with branding, use your own images when uploading quote posts. You can use Canva or another editing tool to write the text overlay on top of your image. Then, your quote posts will stand out, so you’ll receive more engagement than you would if you used a stock image or placed the quote on a blank slide.

3. Quote Your Customers

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While brands and creators often post famous quotes from well-known people, you don’t have to stop there. You can include some of those, but make a point to add quotes from customers as well. You can lift these quotes directly from customer testimonials and reviews to show your followers that you deliver on your promises and have a high-quality product or service.

4. Add Your Own Quotes to Your Page

You can also go beyond the standard quotes by adding your own words to your Instagram account. Take the opportunity to educate your audience about your products and brand. If something is important to your brand, you can let the world know through an Instagram quote post.

5. Tease Content With Quotes

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Do you have a killer piece of content you want to share with your Instagram followers? If so, consider pulling a quote to share. It should leave readers wanting more so they’ll visit your blog or podcast.

6. Post Quotes Sparingly

While it’s true that quotes can help you boost engagement, you don’t want to go overboard. If you fire off several quotes in a row, your audience will get bored. Even worse, they could get annoyed and click the “unfollow” button. Thus, develop a diverse content strategy that includes quotes and more. That way, you’ll keep your audience interested and engaged.

7. Use Various Features to Share Your Quotes

Quotes are most common on feed posts, but that’s just one option. You can also use other features to share quotes, including Stories and Reels. In fact, Reels might be the best place to share quotes right now because Instagram is pushing the content out to users.

8. Take the Path Less Traveled

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Some creators and brands tend to post well-known quotes. Therefore, you can assume that countless other pages have the same quotes if you go this route. Thus, avoid quotes that are commonly shared on social media. Otherwise, you run the risk of people losing interest in your account.

9. Check for Accuracy

Have you ever come across a quote on an Instagram account that you knew wasn’t correct? Maybe it was attributed to the wrong person, or the words were jumbled, causing the post to miss the point.

For instance, consider the quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This widely shared quote is often attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, but according to the New York Times, no evidence exists that he said it.

While some of your followers might think such a quote is accurate, some people will probably realize you’ve made a mistake. This might seem like a small misstep, but it could cause people to lose trust in your brand. They’ll think that if you can’t take the time to verify the accuracy of a quote, you also can’t take the time to make excellent products or provide stellar services. Thus, double- and triple-check the quote before posting it on Instagram.

10. Don’t Commercialize Racial and Social Justice Quotes

You need to be careful when using quotes from racial and social justice icons. If your followers think you’re using these quotes to sell products, you can expect swift and severe backlash. It’s not respectful and can cause your followers to change their views of your brand. In fact, you will likely find yourself sending out an apology if you do this, so it’s best to avoid commercializing quotes from iconic leaders.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use your account to support social causes. In fact, it can be beneficial. Just make sure you use the right strategy when supporting social causes as a brand on Instagram so you don’t offend your audience.

11. Don’t Expect the Quotes to Do All the Work

Adding some quotes can give your Instagram account a boost. However, it’s a mistake to upload the quote and expect people to start liking and sharing it immediately. Instead, Instagram’s algorithm will only show it to the masses once you accumulate lots of engagement.

Fortunately, an Instagram like exchange network can help you build engagement as soon as you upload the quote. You can use a network that provides likes from real people instead of bots, so you won’t have to worry about Instagram dinging your account.

After your post accumulates enough likes, Instagram will get the message and start showing it to other people. Then, your engagement will continue to grow, and you can expect to add followers as well.

Build a Solid Strategy for Instagram Quotes

Keep these tips in mind when posting quotes on Instagram. With the right approach, you can build brand visibility on Instagram and grow your audience.

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