Published on 19th of July, 2023

9 Strategies for Getting More Followers on Instagram

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Whether you’re a content creator or representing a band, you want to accumulate as many targeted Instagram followers as possible. More followers mean more eyeballs in front of your content. Plus, building an extensive following adds legitimacy to your page, making it easier to reach goals. With that in mind, check out some tips that will help you build a following of targeted Instagram users. 

1. Optimize Your Bio

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Your Instagram bio is essentially your home page, so optimize it with that in mind. First, use your brand name or a relevant keyword for your handle. You can also place a key phrase next to your name. For instance, if you are a travel blogger, you can add that next to your name. Also, include relevant keywords and hashtags in the bio so people can find your account via a search. You’ll discover that you can get more followers by making your profile easy to find.

2. Create a Content Calendar

There’s a myth that you have to upload posts every single day on Instagram to get results. However, you need to be consistent if you want to attract more followers. If you post here and there without any pattern, it’ll be hard to attract and keep followers. Thus, create a content calendar to follow each week. 

Create a schedule to post each day if you can swing it, but don’t worry if that’s not an option. However, aim to post at least a couple of times a week. At the same time, don’t overcommit to a schedule you cannot follow from one week to the next.

3. Schedule Posts in Advance When Going Out of Town

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You’ll probably go on vacation from time to time, so make sure to schedule posts in advance. That way, you can continue delivering high-quality content and reach new followers when you’re away. 

4. Use a Variety of Features

You can reach more people by using all of the features at your disposal on Instagram. That means you should create feed posts, Reels, Stories, Guides, and more. All of these are important, but put an emphasis on Instagram Reels right now. This is still a relatively new feature, so Instagram is pushing it hard. That means your Reels are more likely to reach people who don’t currently follow you. However, don’t put all of your eggs in the Reels basket. Instead, diversify your content strategy for the best results. 

5. Host a Giveaway

You can build a following quickly by hosting giveaways on the app. First, think about what you want to give away, and set the rules for entry. You can have people like, share, and comment on the post to enter the contest. Also, have people follow your account to enter. You can attract a lot of new followers, and you’ll discover that many will stick around after the contest ends as long as you deliver high-quality content regularly.

6. Cross-promote Your Account

Instagram is probably just one of several social media accounts you have. That means you likely have followers on other accounts that have yet to follow you on Instagram. You can fix that quickly by cross-promoting your account. Let your followers on Twitter, Facebook, and other accounts know that you’d love for them to follow you on Instagram. Since they already like you enough to follow you on other accounts, they’re likely to head to Instagram and hit the “Follow” button as well.

After getting them to follow you, you need to make sure they stick around. This is where many content creators and brands fail. If you provide the same content across all the channels, you’ll annoy the people who follow multiple accounts. Thus, give them something fresh and new on Instagram, so they’ll stick around.

7. Let Your Analytics Guide You

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Consider using a third-party analytics tool to see how your account is performing in various areas. You can drill down to see which content performs the best and which posting times provide the most engagement. Then you can use that information to create your Instagram posting strategy. Even a small tweak, such as posting at the right times, can make a huge difference when building a following.

8. Buy Instagram Likes to Boost Engagement

You want to reach as many people as possible when growing your following, meaning you need to focus on engagement. Instagram considers each like, share, and comment as a personal endorsement that the content is high-quality and compelling. Thus, it shows content with high engagement levels to more people.

You can build your engagement levels quickly by purchasing real Instagram likes. Each like is yet another endorsement, so soon, your posts will spread like wildfire. You’ll reach people who don’t currently follow your account, which will help you build a following.

9. Use a Solid Hashtag Strategy

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Instagram users search for hashtags when looking for accounts to follow. Thus, you want to include relevant hashtags when creating posts. You can use a hashtag tool to find the top hashtags for your niche. Make sure they don’t have so much competition that your post will get buried in the results. At the same time, you want a healthy level of competition since that means they’re popular hashtags that get searched often.  

Add the top hashtags to a list that you can access when posting. Don’t use the same hashtags each time, though. Instead, tailor your hashtags for each post. You want them to be relevant to the post so you don’t come across as spammy.

Start Building Your Following Today

These strategies are so easy to use that you can implement them all today. However, don’t incorporate them today and then forget about them. Building a following is a long-term effort, meaning you need to continue using hashtags, reviewing analytics, and more. Also, buy Instagram likes anytime you need to increase engagement. Then you can get your posts out in front of more people, and you’ll be rewarded with additional followers.

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