Published on 4th of October, 2023

5 Tips for Getting Your Instagram Posts Shared

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When people share your Instagram posts, it’s a double-win for you. Not only are they helping you advertise to new viewers, but they’re doing the work to share the post at no cost to you. The trick is to create content that is so interesting and engaging that your followers share it, and their followers share it, and so on.

Getting your Instagram posts shared is about more than just cost-effective advertising. It’s also about driving brand familiarity and brand trust. When people share your posts, they see something so good that they think others should see it, too. Many brands don’t always realize that it doesn’t always matter if you posted content specifically about your brand. We’ll take a deeper dive into that later, but first, let’s start with the nuts and bolts.

How To Enable Sharing on Instagram

If you don’t know how to allow your content to be shared, then you could be missing out. Follow these steps to ensure that your followers can share your posts:

  • 1. From your profile page, tap the gear icon
  • 2. Scroll down and look for an option that says Allow Others to Reshare
  • 3. The slider should be blue and set to On

Remember that your account should be public if you are hoping to gain a large following. Once you’ve cleared the path for people to share your posts, it’s time to start creating shareable content. Try these five tips below.

Tip #1: Be Authentically You

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It may sound cheesy and too easy to be true, but letting people see the real you makes you relatable. Many people, especially in the Gen Z age range, prize relatable people and content and want to see transparency. They’re also looking for more meaningful reactions and are a huge and continuously growing social media presence. Simply being yourself can create connections with your audience, who will share you (and your content) with their friends.

Tip #2: Go Live

Whether you’re walking along your favorite stretch of the beach or creating a product, going Live on Instagram is an excellent way to engage followers and encourage them to share your Live with others.

There are two crucial things to remember about making your Lives a success: first, remember the first tip and be authentically you. Don’t construct a fake Live—it won’t resonate as well with followers. Secondly, keep trying. Your first few attempts to go Live might only get a few views here and there. It can take time for it to catch on. Consistency is key, but there’s a caveat: it’s ok to be a bit spontaneous. Try posting a Live at least once a week.

Tip #3: Share Their Content

Let your followers know you’re cheering them on, supporting them, and listening by sharing their content when you like it. Whether they posted a hilarious meme, a rock-solid argument, or an important website link, show you’re engaged with them by sharing their posts. Not only will they feel gratified, but the process also reinforces brand awareness and loyalty. Additionally, many influencers and brands repost their followers who have done the same. Or, you could share the lovely compliments people leave for you or your products.

Tip #4: Timing Is Everything

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The likelihood that people will engage with your content is often influenced by when you post it. Fresh content is often prioritized in algorithms, and your followers are less likely to share your content if they don’t see it right away in their feed. Identify the best posting times for the type of content you’re producing and consistently post.

At first, you can use global engagement graphics as a guideline for planning your posts. Over time, keep an eye on your analytics to see when your followers are engaging with you so that you can tweak the posting times for maximum effect.

Another way to make the best use of timing is to post consistently, at least once a day. When you are active, your followers will regularly see and engage with your posts. As they engage, you are more likely to consistently show up in their algorithms. This results in more exposure for your posts.

Tip #5: Use Calls to Action

Whether it’s a social cause near and dear to your heart or a challenge to your followers to engage with your website, delivering content with a call to action encourages followers to actively engage. Your call to action (CTA) doesn’t have to be overly strident or complicated, and it doesn’t even have to direct followers straight to your product.

For example, if you read an article about the rainforest and want to share a petition, you could include a CTA asking followers to sign the petition and share it. And then your next post might highlight a new product feature, which your new followers will also see.

Bonus Tip: Reel Them In

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Instagram Reels, short videos that frequently contain a snippet of music, are a short but sweet way to entertain and inform viewers. You can use Reels to show off your skateboarding bloopers, a product demo, or just speak a few thoughts out loud. Often people share funny or heartwarming Reels with their friends, which can rapidly increase the number of people seeing your content and getting to know you better.

Finally, don’t forget to try out the newest Instagram features, stickers, and trends since these will increase your chances of coming out on top of the algorithms.

Variety Is the Spice of Instagram Life

Having a consistent posting schedule is crucial, but that doesn’t mean all your posts have to be cookie-cutter in style and content. Mix things up by posting about your daily life, sharing funny memes, talking about some aspect of your business, and passing along a relevant news story.

Your Instagram posts can be a mix of things and still encourage effective engagement and sharing. Ultimately, the goal is to get followers to stay actively involved while also encouraging new followers through those shared posts.

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