Published on 6th of September, 2023

Update Coming to Instagram Poll Stickers

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Instagram launched Stories poll stickers back in 2017. Since that time, users have been able to create polls with two possible choices. While “Yes and “No” are the default options, users are able to customize them. Even so, many users have been upset by the lack of options, but that’s about to change. Instagram is currently testing an upgrade that will give you more freedom and flexibility than ever. First, find out what to expect when the test goes live, and then go over some tips for polling your audience.

What to Expect With the Update

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Because the update is still in beta testing, there might be some additional changes when it goes live. As of right now, beta testers can add up to four responses to poll questions. This is a relief for those who were using the quiz sticker to create polls with more options. Once they receive the new update, they can go back to using that sticker as intended.

Additionally, the beta testers can change the color of the question, allowing them to maintain the ideal look for their Stories. This also makes it easier for the questions to stand out.

Instagram is slowly rolling it out to more users, so keep your eyes open. It could land in your account at any time. Then, you can use it to glean even more information and have some extra fun with your audience.

Stories Poll Sticker Ideas

You don’t have to wait for the update to start using poll stickers. Whether your audience has two or four choices, Instagram poll stickers are still beneficial. Check out some ideas for polling your audience on Instagram. These ideas can help you conduct market research and boost engagement on the app.

  • Use Polls to Gauge Interest

    Some brands spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on market research to find out what their customers are thinking. Fortunately, you can get the same information without increasing your spending with help from poll stickers.

    You can create polls to gauge interest in different products that you’re considering developing. Then, you’ll know what your audience wants and what you should skip. This type of information is incredibly valuable.

  • Find out Which Products Customers Love

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    You can also poll your audience to find out which of your existing products they love. First, you’ll need to choose some products and then have your audience vote on them.

    This can accomplish a couple of things. First, it will put your products out in front of more people, which is always beneficial. Second, it will provide insight into what your audience likes most about your brand. That can help you as you develop more products in the future.

  • Drive Traffic to Your Website

    You have to get creative when it comes to driving traffic from Instagram to your website. One such way to do it is by creating polls and adding the swipe-up link feature. For example, let’s say you’re in the home improvement niche and write a blog post about the most expensive home repairs. You create a poll asking people if they think X or Y is more expensive. They can answer the poll and swipe up to go to your blog post, where they’ll learn more. You can enjoy a steady stream of traffic to your site by doing this.

  • Entertain Your Audience

    You don’t want to spend all of your time promoting products on Instagram. You also want your followers to have some fun when viewing your Stories. That’s easy to accomplish when you incorporate some polls. First, you can use the poll sticker to ask your followers silly and fun questions. However, brain teaser polls are also an option if you can’t come up with anything funny. Think about what makes sense for your brand, and then create some fun polls that will represent your page.

    These types of polls can help you increase your engagement quite a bit. Then, Instagram’s algorithm will reward you by showing your polls to more people, meaning you’ll get even more engagement. As your engagement grows, you should notice a spike in followers, too, and more people will tune into your posts on the app.

  • Promote Deals

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    Are you planning to offer a special sale in the future? You can generate some excitement by polling your audience to find out what they want. You can list some options and let your audience vote on their preferred discount. Then, you can deliver on your promise. This strategy can help you reach your marketing goals when offering discounted products to customers. You can take this strategy to the next level by creating an Instagram Shop for your business. Then, your customers won’t have to leave the app to grab the deal.

  • Ask Brand-related Questions

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    Have you ever wondered how well your audience knows your brand? You can find out by conducting polls. For example, you can highlight two products and ask your audience which is more popular. You can also ask questions about your company and let people choose between “Yes” and “No.” Of course, you can include even more responses once you get the updated poll sticker option. These polls are a fun way to teach your followers more about your brand. Additionally, you’ll find out if you need to do a better job of educating people about your brand when marketing.

  • Get Information Before Going Live

    When utilized correctly, Instagram Live can help you increase engagement and attract more followers. But, of course, it can be hard to know what your audience wants. Thus, come up with some ideas and ask your audience what they’d like from your next live video. Then, you can go in knowing that you’re going to hit the mark with your audience. Also, your audience will be more excited about the event since they’ll know it’s a topic they’re interested in, meaning they’ll mark their calendars.

Start Setting Up Polls for Your Page

It could be weeks or months before you can access the updated Stories poll sticker. However, you can start using polls now and then add the extra options when they’re available. This way, you can get in some practice before accessing the additional features.

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