Published on 22nd of November, 2023

5 Covert-Yet-Clever Tactics to Increase Your Instagram Traffic

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Social networks are constantly growing, and we're seeing a change in their reach and how well they boost business success.

This has been ongoing for a while, as several brands and individuals have tried to expand their reach by using the tools provided by diverse social media apps.

With a whole new method of marketing and driving traffic, we've seen teams grow around these platforms and acquire a wider range of customers.

Instagram is one platform with diverse communities where businesses and creators can push their content.

It has become a heavyweight marketplace, with links, videos, images, and shopping features helping brands showcase what they have to offer.

Now, the question on a lot of minds is how to utilize this space and further boost their reach, and how one can increase traffic to their IG page to boost engagement.

In this post, we'll be looking at various ways to increase your Instagram page traffic and reach a wider audience for more business.

5 Proven Tactics to Increase Your Brand’s Instagram Traffic

  • 1. Instagram Stories

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    With 500+ million users of Instagram Stories every day, your brand has the leverage to reach and interact with a broader market.

    This feature keeps the conversation going, so it’s a great way to reach your target audience. Users get direct access to contact you through DMs, as they can contribute to whatever content your post.

    Users would get a sense of belonging when they can communicate with your brand, building a budding relationship and leading to more viewers.

    Instagram Stories also has interesting addons that can help start conversations, depending on your brand's type of content.

    The quiz, countdown, and questions stickers are great additions to this marketing tool, and as long as you consistently have interesting content, you'd see a boost in your traffic.

  • 2. Revisitable Content

    The secret to building strong followership and a loyal audience is to always provide the users with content that would be etched in their minds for a very long time.

    As long as these pieces of content are interesting to the visitors, the urge to revisit the content gets them coming back for more exciting images and videos.

    The Gram has built-in features that give the brand an edge and allows it to dictate how well it can hold on to its audience.

    Viewers can provide genuine feedback if they enjoy your post. They can decide to share it with their friends or save it for a later time.

    The idea for re-visitable content is to create images and videos that are quite appealing and timeless (depending on the brand's niche), so always put out quality and well-curated imagery.

    People hold onto what excites them, plus they start inviting others to benefit from the excitement. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to drive traffic to your Instagram page.

  • 3. Relatable & Open Content

    A great way to sell yourself to a large audience is to help them understand what life is about, presuming you or your brand has been at that stage.

    People love human and relatable content, as it shows that we're all capable of flaws and moments. When a brand shows this, people want to bond over that feeling.

    So, when creating content, try as much as possible to curate content that your audience can relate to, to show that you understand their lives and struggles.

    And depending on your niche and target audience, the way your content is designed matters. E.g., if your brand is focused on travel, entice viewers with the idea that they could be at those destinations.

    This way, fantasy has been planted and they get to relive it every time they visit your page.

    This is one way top brands have tried to sell themselves, earning the attention of their audience in return.

    These brands construct a somewhat “faux” reality that creates a bond between them and their audience, preaching the possibility of enjoying that reality with all of their viewers.

  • 4. Hashtag Campaigns

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    This is a great method to boost traffic to your Instagram page and get your audience involved.

    Branded hashtags are a way to show that your audience subscribes to your opinion on a topic, as they soon use these identifiers in their posts.

    This way, they help you push your brand to their followers and the movement has been initiated.

    Now, for non-branded #tags, it's important to understand which ones are getting the job done and leveraging their potential.

    Since these tags play a vital role in your page's visibility, make a habit of monitoring them using a tool.

    Several options provide enough analysis on how well your #tags are performing, so utilizing these tools can help you drive organic and repeat traffic to your Instagram profile and external landing pages.

    You can read more on using different types of hashtags strategically on the Gram.

  • 5. Visual Content

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    IG focuses on visuals that can attract an audience and get users to stay on the app since they want more of such content.

    As a brand, to get the traffic you need, providing content that would keep the audience on your page is paramount. The majority of Instagrammers would easily overlook a page that doesn't have constant visual content.

    Leverage the imagery aspect of IG and provide interesting content that would go a long way in how well your audience sticks around.

    For one, Reels allow you to put out more short visuals that would get the audience to stick around.

    Reels and Stories are great tools to drive video content to your visitors, and once you can comfortably own that space, your brand should see an increase in repeat traffic.

Key takeaways

The Insta space is big enough for businesses to thrive, and it's vital to understand that your approach to content marketing would create space for your brand in this digital world.

Ensure your brand focuses on providing exciting and relatable content that would keep everyone on their toes and push them to share your page, thereby increasing traffic.

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