Published on 23rd of August, 2023

How to Keep Your Social Media Content On-Brand

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A lot of marketers struggle with sending content to different social platforms because it can be hard to stay true to your brand while doing so.

You don't just create a strong brand out of thin air. Building an iconic name takes time and research as you need to understand the demands of the marketplace before creating content that meets those needs.

By doing this while staying true to your branding rules, you keep your social media content “on-brand” and maintain a sense of authenticity.

If you aim to make your social media content mesh with your brand target and mission, check out these guides on keeping a focus on a company's branding.

Communicate your value proposition

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What is your company offering your customers? Do you have a solution to their current or future problems/challenges? (While you’re here, check out 5 things to avoid when selling on Instagram.)

To make your product stand out from any other, it's important to get your uniqueness across to your audience. Your consumers should be clear that you offer a different product or service from that of your competitors. In fact, you should be constantly communicating that your brand is the best.

Whenever your clients think of your brand, they should be able to think of something you do that others can’t—something that makes them choose your brand over others.

Make it clear to consumers what they stand to gain from your product and how it will help them in some way. You can do this by featuring the quality and uniqueness of your product and detailing what the potential patron stands to lose (or will sacrifice) if they choose not to buy from you.

If your values aren't well explained and communicated to your customers, you stand a chance of them going to competitors that communicate well. Make sure you invest some time and money into expressing who you are and what you stand for as a brand.

You should use the power of communication to grow your customer base, as communicating effectively will help you promote and advertise the value of your brand.

When you put in the work to communicate how valuable your content is, it can be easier to draw interest from potential customers. You should know that, no matter how good your brand may be, if you cannot market it to the intended audience, they won't recognize or appreciate it.

  • Leverage customer personas

    To get your brand to grow, it's important to clearly understand who your customer is. If you don't have reviews from customers about what they want out of your business, come up with profiles for them based on experience and other data.

    Customer personas are an important aspect of any brand's social voice. Nike is a perfect example; they understood their customer personas, allowing them to be one of the most digitally present brands in sports.

  • Define your company's brand stack

    It’s essential to define a company's 'brand stack.' The brand stack should contain a company's core message, positioning statement, differentiation, brand promise, and much more. In essence, your social media profile and posts should pass on the message of your brand strategy.

  • Have a clear brand voice

    As a social media marketer or manager, you need to have a consistent "voice" across different platforms in order to connect with your audience. If you speak with a single voice, it will be much easier for your audience to listen and stay tuned into what you're saying—it’s a compelling force for followers to stick to your brand.

    Your brand's message and voice should be consistent across all social networks so that people can easily recognize your posts without being misled. When this is the case, customers are more likely to understand what you're trying to say and consider buying from you.

  • Establish the company's personality

    Marketing is far more than just making sure that the brand matches across all channels. The culture and personality of the company should also be visible throughout your various channels.

    By giving your team a coherent voice regardless of the social media platform they're using, you guarantee a strong on-brand presence online. The company's personality has to be seen through its staff—the way they talk, dress, their style, etc.

  • Make employees partakers of the company's voice

    To have a cohesive social media presence, companies have to get their staff to echo the company voice by posting on-brand content about events and offers. This enables individuals within the company to speak in one tone or voice; they experience being "on-brand" and get a sense of what it means for their day-to-day work.

  • Build a connection between your brand look, feel, and language

    When trying to create content that will be satisfactory, make sure there’s connectivity between your brand look, feel, and language. We expect every brand to be consistent when it comes to posting content on their social feeds.

    Ensure that your company has an appropriate format, look, and language to better connect with your desired audience. It is important that you create a biography of your ideal customer avatar and find an appropriate stock photo.

  • Make use of multimedia content

    Your brand should be able to create content that has an emotional connection with your audience, and it can be done by using different multimedia features—such as messaging, color, and images—on social media.

    Turning your brand into an emotional connection makes it more likely to be shared; this works because emotions are often contagious and people will want to share what's making them feel a type of way. So, ensure you're always on-brand by having a consistent message that controls the emotions of your customers.

  • Share valuable content with your audience

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    Since your brand posts are meant to satisfy viewers, it's important that you publish content that is valuable and helpful so they can get something out of it. As your content keeps adding value to your audience, you get to capture their attention and enable them to better understand your brand.

    Since people are always looking for quality products, one strategy to increase your customer base is to make sure you advertise the quality of your products on social media.

  • Practice consistency when you cross-post

    It's very important for your branding to be consistent across all channels. Basics, like logos and cover images, should be considered closely. Keeping the brand message clear and consistent across social media platforms is vital for successful social media marketing.


For social media content to be on-brand, your uploads must have attributes that are separate from other companies' work. They should be distinctive, with a well-defined voice and a strong social media presence.

Your content should be the same across all social media platforms—as though it were one cohesive unit.

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