Published on 18th of January, 2023

Master the Art of Creating Winning Video Content for Social Media

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Video has been proven to be one of the most engaging content formats to post on social media. Maybe because they’re more attractive and helpful in grabbing people's attention.

It might also be because they let you set things in motion, making whatever you’re trying to convey easier for potential customers or clients to comprehend.

Whatever the reason, video content is a must if you’re running a marketing campaign on any social network.

So, here are a few tips and tricks for creating the best videos to keep your social media pages as lively as they can be:


1. Consider the quality of your camera

Having a good camera can make a difference in your videos. They'll attract new followers, interested prospects, and people who want to work with your brand.

Underwhelming video content is all too common, but no one wants to watch a video with unpleasant graphics. It's so important to take the time and effort to choose a high-quality camera that will create pleasant visuals for your viewers.

If you’re serious about leveraging videos on social media, you’ll need a good camera. But if it’s above your budget, there are other options. Most smartphone cameras, especially by Samsung and Apple, are good enough for this purpose.

You may get other accessories, like a ring light or tripod, to ensure that your videos are well-lit and take advantage of the great angles you can get.

2. Keep your videos relatively short

Videos can be annoying when they're too long and don't get to the point quickly enough. That's why it's best to keep them short; these are easier to watch.

It's best to reel viewers in with concise content that provides the desired info at the beginning. Those who’re scrolling will get hooked and then watch the rest of the video.

Videos should be short because viewers may start to lose interest and stop watching after a certain point. Shorter visuals can also leave you with more time to focus on other aspects of your content or business.

3. Master the art of sounds

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It's also important to have clear audio when making videos. A good tip is to use speakers and not film in noisy places.

Bad audio can cause people to lose interest in what you’re uploading. This usually occurs when the audio drops, fluctuates, or there’s noise in the background.

It will be hard for your viewers to understand your content if they can't hear anything. That's why it's imperative to produce excellent quality audio for your videos.

4. Create videos that apply to your followers

This is one of the most important rules regarding the content you create and upload. You need to know what your viewers want and make sure you give it to them. This guarantees their satisfaction and fuels higher view counts.

When creating your next video, think of specific storytelling techniques you can apply and organize polls or contests to gather feedback on potential topics.

Monitor your comments to see what videos your followers want. This will give them what they want and keep them engaged with your content.

Thanks to this rule, you can never go wrong with the content you upload.

5. Master the art of consistency

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If you want to be successful in social marketing, you need to keep everything consistent. People won't notice your content if your posting schema isn't explicit.

Consistency is the key, and without it, the chances of success are decreased. Social media users only notice things they repeatedly see, meaning you may be forgotten sooner than expected without consistency.

One thing you have to do to stay on your followers' radars is to upload relevant and quality videos continuously. It’s essential to decide how often because this will increase your following and keep old subscribers happy.

When you go weeks without posting, you risk confusing your audience and not delivering on expectations. They will find your content less memorable and less impactful.

6. Experiment with live streams

A terrific type of video content to share on your social media is live streams. A live stream is a video chat with many people connected at the same time.

When you live stream on platforms such as Instagram, anyone who follows you can join the chat. This is a great way to interact with your followers on a more personal level.

It creates a deeper connection between you and your followers by giving them insight into your personal life, which adds to the professional content you produce.

7. Try animated videos

Some marketers and brand owners shy away from animating video content because it may seem tricky or hard to do, but if you're looking for something fun to spice up your work, animations are a great approach. It offers tons of creative options that would be otherwise impossible.

Animations can be a great way to use visual aids to illustrate scenarios efficiently, and your audience can grasp complex topics. This is especially true for the younger population, as they may find imaginary characters more engaging.

8. Just go straight to the point

To avoid losing your viewers, make sure to get straight to the point in your videos. This saves your time as well as theirs.

If you spend too much time on unrelated topics, viewers will lose interest in the video—wasting your effort and not achieving your goals.

Trying to do too many things in the same video may waste more time on irrelevant sections. It may result in a video that is too long for your audience to enjoy.

Focusing on straightforward content will also help you stick to your marketing plan. Keep content and strategies in mind as you go through; this will keep it from feeling like an ordeal and reduce the chance of anything being left out.

9. Employ captivating thumbnails

This is especially vital to YouTubers.

YouTube content creators point out the importance of video thumbnails. They attract viewers right off the bat and can create an excellent first impression for any video.

A good thumbnail will ensure your video lands in the feeds of many more people, even when they're scrolling quickly. The increase in viewership leads to increased likes, comments, and shares—all helping you maintain a successful profile on the platform.

10. Be relatable so you can connect with your audience

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To ensure that people are always interested in your content, you must consider what benefit or value your viewers can get from it.

Bringing in the viewers who liked your other videos is as simple as making sure the content of your next video applies to what your audience wanted previously.

You should also remember to be yourself while filming your videos, so prospects find you relatable and are encouraged to keep viewing your content.

Key takeaways

Before you publish your first or next video, review this checklist we created - we're confident it will help provide the best quality for your audience.

You must always be concerned with how your audience engages with your content so you don't lose the viewers who already love what you offer while aiming at new ones.

Following these tips, creating a winning video won't be a problem. 

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