Published on 9th of February, 2022

7 Hacks to Use for Brand Visibility on Instagram

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Looking for surefire routes to take to boost your brand's visibility? With the right approaches, you can quickly expose your brand to potential clients and/or customers.

But the truth is, there are a lot of brands struggling to be seen on Instagram. You don’t have to relent in the pursuit of having your brand known.

You can still maximize both your ROI and the volume of your sales. Your brand will have a face-lift as you expand your coverage to accommodate your targeted audiences.

Let's get to it then… the 7 proven hacks to make your brand outstanding enough to get the recognition it needs on a competitive platform like Instagram.

1. Complete your profile bio

This isn’t for fancy; it's one feature that you can harness to boost your brand visibility. Honestly, it's the right place to show off your brand. Fill in the spaces given with the description of your brand—just as you deem fit, accompanied with interactive elements if necessary.

Let your targeted audience know about you and your brand, detailing more about the reputation and image of your business or brand.

Don’t forget to include your branded hashtag; this will be unique to your brand so getting to your account via this hashtag will be a breeze by your targeted audiences.

Another element you need to include in your bio is your CTA (call-to-action). Let your potential clients or customers take action based on your captivating instructions.

2. Go professional

You want your brand to be out there, then you need to be professional about it. For one, dumping your personal Instagram account will do you some good.

Go for the professional side by switching to a business account, which comes with more features that can elevate a brand's strategies.

To achieve this, just navigate to your Instagram profile – Settings – Account – Switch to a business account.

You'll then need to choose a category. Go ahead and make a good choice for your brand, then fill in other entries like your email address, phone number, and contact address.

Turn on your Facebook location so that you can easily be searched out by your potential customers via your contact.

3. Brand name as your username

You're all about your brand visibility, then let people know your brand name and not your name. If you have your name on your Instagram account, it's time to change that. Boosting the social presence of your brand calls for it.

One way to accentuate that is to have your brand name alongside a fitting keyword—one that pertains to your niche or industry.

This makes your brand more visible both on Google and on other search engines. So instead of just writing Oscar, you can add a keyword like Oscar Trendy Wears.

4. Branded profile photo

One of the most basic yet vital features that will create the magnitude of brand visibility you want.

Did you know that people click on your page just by looking at your profile photo? Well, that's how inquisitive a lot of people are.

The idea is to leverage their curiosity and attract them by showcasing your brand's values or services visually. This all boils down to your logo, so you need a great designer here. You want your profile photo to be as crisp and clear as possible.

Be consistent with the logo and your brand identity, because doing this will enable people to recognize your brand whenever it appears on their screen. Over time, followers will instantly recall your business whenever they see the logo.

5. Put a value on your brand

How do you make your brand more visible than the competitors? You simply create more value than them. People only stick with valuable personalities and ideas.

So if you need your brand to be known more, then you need to educate your potential clients or customers more. Post valuable information on your page about your brand, product/service, or niche.

Let them know how valuable your brand is to them and how helpful it can be in different ways. Simply put, to attract their attention, let your brand be an inspiration.

You shouldn’t only be interested in attracting your targeted audiences, you should also be about keeping them by giving them real gems for their time.

6. Take advantage of Instagram Ads

Ads work wonders when you want to reach more people on the app, instantly giving your brand more visibility. It widens your coverage so your brand can appear in more feeds. The Instagram Ads feature will help you achieve this seamlessly.

So, create awareness and promote your brand with any of the ad formats available on the platform. You can go for carousel, story, or video ads.

One thing you should always ensure is branding consistency in all your ad campaigns. That doesn't mean you should be stale—experiment, do things creatively, uniquely, and be spontaneous

This builds up your brand's reach and exposure, especially if you're using the right content, captions, call–to–actions, and hashtags. Let potential customers/clients know what you're all about and what they need to do as they land on your page.

7. Maximize location tags

A great feature that will help you get your brand more pronounced is the location tag. Whether main-feed posts or stories, this is one way to enable locals in your location to find your brand easily.

Therefore, using your Instagram professionally (business/creator account) will need you to disclose your location. It all helps your business get the kind of exposure it needs.

Keep building brand awareness with the right Instagram marketing strategies

There you have them—seven practical and trusted hacks you can use to make your brand more visible on Instagram and beyond.

You might not need to try all at once. But you should try using them one at a time and maybe you would figure out the very one that will give your brand the percentage of visibility you desire.

So what are you waiting for? Go try them out today.

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