Published on 4th of January, 2023

Use These Features to Drive Sales on Instagram

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If you have products for sale, Instagram has the features you need to close the deal. In fact, it’s so full of features that it’s easy to miss one or two when attempting to convert followers into customers. Get the details on the social network’s top features for sellers. Then, add them all to your marketing strategy to maximize your profits. 

Instagram Shop 

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Instagram Shopping has a range of features to make it easier to sell products, and Instagram Shop is the most important of them all. You can use this virtual storefront to list your products for sale. Once your shop is live, people can browse the products by clicking on your profile’s “View Shop” button. Plus, your shop can appear on the Instagram Shop tab, allowing you to reach more customers.

Instagram Checkout 

Adding Instagram Shop is a good first step, but don’t stop there. You’ll also want to set up Instagram Checkout so people won’t have to leave the app to buy your products. Instead, they can pay and choose the shipping method inside of your shop. It’s easier to convert customers when they don’t have to leave the site, so you should get a nice boost in sales.

Adding Instagram Checkout has another huge benefit as well. Once enabled, you can use it to announce upcoming products. You can add details for an upcoming product launch, and then people can sign up to get reminders when it’s available. You can hit the ground running with a product launch with help from Instagram Checkout. 

Product Tags for Feed Posts 

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Product Tags are also a part of Instagram Shopping. You can add the tags to your videos and images to create shoppable posts. Then, people can click on the tag and go directly to your store to buy the product. This allows you to showcase different products on your feed. You can add more than one tag to videos and photos, so feel free to feature multiple products. 

Instagram Guides

You can take your sales to the next level by incorporating Instagram Guides into your marketing plan. Instagram offers three types of guides: Places, Products, and Posts. If you want to increase your sales, you’ll want to create product guides. Each guide can contain a curated list of products that fit into a specific category. For instance, you can make a guide that contains one type of product and another guide for products under $20.  

Product Tag Ads

If you want even more exposure, you can run ads with product tags. You have the option of creating an ad from scratch or boosting one of your shoppable posts with product tags. Plus, you can set the demographics for the ad so it will display to people in your target market. It’s a great way to increase your exposure, but be mindful of your budget and conversions. You need to make sure that you’re making money from the ads. If you are getting exposure but not any sales, scale back on your ads and try some free options instead. 

Instagram Shopping Partners 

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Influencer marketing is hot, and you can get in on the action with Instagram Shopping Partners. First, you need to have Instagram Checkout. Then, you can use the Shopping Partners tool to select influencers to market your products. These partners can tag your products when posting on Instagram. 

For example, assume you’re selling jewelry on Instagram. You partner with an influencer, permitting that person to tag your products. The influencer loves a ring that you have for sale, so she raves about it in a post and then includes a product tag. Then, the person’s followers can click on the tag to learn more or buy the ring. Because followers tend to take recommendations from influencers very seriously, this can help you jump-start your sales. 

Instagram Live Shopping

Instagram Live Shopping is another great way to sell your products. You can create your own videos or partner with influencers if you want to expand your reach. First, make sure you have your Instagram Shop and Checkout set up. Then, you can include product tags in your live stream. 

Instagram Live Shopping is ideal when you want to get the word out about new products. You can also use it to show people how to use your products or answer questions related to your offerings. 

Additionally, you can create Live Shopping videos for the holidays. First, come up with some products people will love during the holiday season. Then, roll them out during your live event. 

Add a Link to Your Bio

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Finally, add a link to your website’s product page in your Instagram bio. Then, you can direct people to the link when posting. For instance, you can show a picture of your collection and tell people to click on the link on your bio to learn more. 

You can make this strategy more effective by boosting your engagement on the post. Instagram analyzes engagement for every post you make, and if it’s high, it takes notice and expands the reach. Buying Instagram likes is an easy way to accomplish this. You can purchase real likes to increase engagement instantly. Along with boosting engagement, buying real Instagram likes provides social proof. When people see that numerous others have liked the post, they’re more likely to take notice. 

For example, imagine you are browsing on Instagram and see two posts that are promoting products with a link in the bio. One of the posts has a couple of likes. The other post has 100 likes. You’re going to be drawn to the post with 100 likes. That’s the power of social proof. 

Start Selling on Instagram Today

Use these tools and features to start selling products on Instagram. First, you need to set up an Instagram Shop and Checkout if you haven’t already. Then, add your link to your bio and start promoting the products.

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