Published on 8th of November, 2023

The Art of Communicating With Customers on Instagram

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Many brands have customer care statements aimed at attracting more buyers. They usually use these statements to create a connection and sell their services.

Communication is the most vital part of any business because, without it, none can thrive in today’s competing market.

Social media has proven to be a very productive way of communicating with customers because of their high level of engagement.

Instagram is a widely used example, with 25+ million brands and 2+ million advertisers employing it as a marketing tool. The Gram has a record of over 150 million people having conversations with businesses every month.

Communicating with existing and potential buyers here will help create a stronger relationship with them.

When Instagrammers follow you as a brand, they want to communicate with you, make a complaint, and get swift customer service.

If they cannot get these things, your brand loses its integrity and value among the masses. So, we’ll be exploring the art of communicating with customers on Instagram using the following tips:

1. Providing visitors with valuable brand information

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The first idea to communicate with your potential customers is your business information (via your Instagram bio). They become aware of the line of products or services you have to offer and if they will benefit from it.

Interested individuals will spend more time navigating through your page. And if they’re fascinated by it, they’ll hit follow.

That’s why your business information has to be interesting enough to capture the right attention. It should tell people who you are, your core principles, and the product or service you offer.

You can also include captivating elements like common questions, concerns, or objections of your target audience. The more information you have in your bio, the fewer questions your customers will have.

Well, the issue with bio information is that it’s limited to 150 characters. You can be creative by providing summarized details and using emojis; insert links, hashtags, and additional brand accounts.

(This is one of the seven hacks to use for brand visibility on Instagram.)

2. Adding customer service contact info to your bio

To quickly solve any customer’s questions, provide an in-app support service on your Instagram page.

The information about the in-app customer service should be on your bio as this is the first thing anyone will see when they visit your page.

If your brand cannot provide client service on IG, ensure you put a link or contact info on your bio to redirect them to your support platform.

Using an Instagram business account makes this simpler as you can add an action button to your profile. Customers can access you fast using this action button.

3. Using Instagram Story Highlights to answer FAQs

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People tend to look for solutions themselves when they encounter an issue with a brand. They only decide to reach out to customer service if they can’t resolve the issue themselves.

Now, if they can’t find a solution, some will never reach out to your customer service and can spread negative remarks about your brand.

A way to curtail this act is by providing them with in-depth answers to FAQs. They can be passed across to customers using Stories, Highlights, and Reels.

(Stories only have a 24-hour lifespan, which is why Highlights are needed to keep the content permanent on your profile.)

You can compile multiple stories into one album, making it easy for customers to view it at their convenience. The FAQs should be designed in a way that will interest your visitors.

4. Starting conversations with customers

It’s typical of people to be selfish, and this act usually finds its way into some brand's Instagram posts. People aren’t interested in content that’s not relatable to them.

The way to start a conversation with customers is to make your posts less about your product/service features and more about how the features can benefit customers’ lives.

Create posts on common concerns of potential buyers and how your brand can solve them. And the posts should be engaging enough to encourage comments and replies.

From there, you can get fresh ideas for your next uploads, and you also get to see people who’re satisfied or dissatisfied with your services.

For dissatisfied buyers, engage in more conversations with them to see how you can address their issues with your product or service (sometimes, you may need to advance your current offering).

5. Using Instagram quick replies for direct messages

No matter how good your offering is or how detailed your posts and highlights are, customers will always have more inquiries.

They tend to ask these questions through direct messages, especially if they’re reacting to content on your Instagram story.

These questions might be similar to other users’ questions, so typing a response to each one will be stressful and time-wasting. An effective communication tool on the Gram is quick replies.

Once you set them up, you can create a list of quick replies for commonly asked questions. Anytime you receive a frequently asked question, you can select a quick reply to it.

6. Enabling Instagram notifications to monitor mentions

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Not all customers will bring their grievances to your brand page; some will just put them on their stories or posts.

Negative remarks will affect your brand reputation, but the worst thing is a lack of awareness that your brand image has been affected by a bad review.

To avoid this, your brand should continually monitor its mentions by setting up push notifications on your Instagram. If your brand has many mentions that need monitoring, you can add a third-party tool.

Monitoring isn’t all that’s needed for communication; you should also respond to mentions timely. A late response can make a customer opt for your competitor's product or service.

7. Moving critical conversations to a private channel

To have a sustainable brand presence on the Gram, you need to address your dissatisfied customers’ complaints.

Negative comments tend to spread like wildfire, and there are always Instagrammers ready to support these comments. That’s why you need to respond promptly and take the customer's conversation to a private channel for resolution.

If your brand is a large one and has a customer support team, you'll need to create an Instagram Customer Support Guide. It will help with a consistent tone and guide the team in delivering quick and accurate responses.

Lack of communication will make a brand invisible to the public, and a wrong communication approach will destroy your social media presence.

Communication needs to be done the right way to satisfy customers and elevate the brand's presence in today’s competing market.

Well, after reading this article, we hope you now know exactly how to approach this substantial aspect of your business.

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