Published on 26th of April, 2023

Social Marketing & Search Advertising: How to Supercharge Your Strategy

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Many people make mistakes or overlook something important when they are doing digital marketing. This problem is mainly due to marketers, influencers, and brand owners focusing on one strategy at the expense of others.

Some feel email marketing is the way to go, while others believe in blogging. But as long as you're taking advantage of as many channels as strategically possible, you'll always see better results than if you stuck with just one.

Another example is search advertising and social marketing. These two can work together, so you shouldn’t choose one over the other. You don't need to focus on their differences when they both provide an outstanding level of quality.

Let's discuss how you can reach better results with your online presence today:

Tips and tricks to supercharge your social and search strategy

1. Gather as much information as you can

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You can test out various headlines and elements on a social platform like LinkedIn and then use those on Google or some other engine.

This optimization method allows you to collect essential data and experiences across different marketing channels. You'll find out what kinds of tactics work best and the styles that don't.

2. Monitor your return on investment

When asked if one channel is outperforming another, the response can be pretty inconsistent, but it makes sense to know which one performs better for your business.

By taking in all the data these channels are producing, you can find out if they are meeting your needs according to the budget or you need to rearrange your approaches or priorities.

3. Notice success trends by observing the competition

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Don't just copy ideas from competitors. If you really want to be more innovative, ask yourself how the trends and insights they're using align with the branding and messaging.

Look closely at what their brand does well and what are its shortcomings? Can you incorporate some of their methodologies in your unique way?

Social media advertising has become an integral part of the marketing mix in recent years. This allows companies to target customers by their interests and products currently in high demand, and keeping an eye on your competitors can help you beat the competition.

4. Know where the results are coming from

There’s this concept called the Pareto principle, which states that most results stem from a minority of causes. Identifying your minimum practical requirements can help you save time and focus on the channels that produce the best outputs.

Start by finding out which posts have been most popular - by likes, shares, comments, views, retweets, etc. Then assess their overall quality to determine whether some elements are worth making into a content marketing strategy.

5. Test, test, test!

Social and search platforms are a fantastic way to learn what works and what doesn't without costly research.

Experimentation is critical with SMM, just like it's needed in SEM, and it’s easy to track your metrics using native insights or analytics tools.

When you set up your metrics correctly across multiple platforms, you will spend less time tracking numbers and more time converting visitors.

6. Bring your channels under one umbrella

Branding inconsistencies can be a pain online and offline - your website, blog posts, social content, and advertisement campaigns need to all match the same language and look like they’re coming from the same place.

Thankfully, it's easy to avoid this issue by using brand guidelines with your team. Having your social media and PPC efforts under one set of guidelines is beneficial because it saves you time and because they complement each other very well.

7. PPC can boost your reach within the social media space

All this sounds great, but what if you don't have a social media presence yet? Well, you can still make a significant impact without a robust follower base by sending sponsored PPC clicks to your social profiles.

American Airlines has no problem asking its potential customers to follow them on Snapchat and Instagram. If you're not already doing this, it's high time you started asking viewers to follow you too. This will boost your presence on any social network.

An increasing number of businesses are focusing on social media, and it is vital to offer meaningful and exciting content regularly. When you do so, your audience will follow your every move and appreciate the value of your work. You must also consider the trends out there and reward them accordingly.

By buying ads on social media, you generate buzz around the company and increase your reach because people will "spread" your brand to their followers. You can share a viral story or trending tweet to get people talking about it.

8. You can drive social shares using PPC

It's essential to create content that is helpful and solves a specific problem because customers will share content that makes them feel heard and seen. Shareable content can also go viral if people have a strong reaction to it.

To stay "shareable," your social media posts should be short and to the point. They should be easy for your audience to digest and share.

CTAs are effective if they stand out and are easy to find. Make sure there’s something unique about your CTA that makes it more attractive than any other. Too many logos, flashy images, or site functionalities can detract from visitors' ability to fully engage with the product or service you're selling.

9. PPC and social media can be used for remarketing efforts

This strategy is about not relying on any single marketing method because that won't work long-term.

A great way to deepen brand familiarity is to lead your prospects to your social media accounts via PPC ads. It will also help your brand establish a unique position in their minds and spread awareness of the company.

Recruiting new customers already into your business is hard work - it may involve hours of tedious PPC. However, remarketing allows you to bring them back again and maybe even draw in new ones!

By combining PPC ads and social media marketing, you can create an encompassing campaign that focuses on precisely the right people for your brand.

10. Take full advantage of the synergy effect

Synergy is a powerful word often associated with positive growth. It's like when two different things start this exponential growth which results in success.

Using these social and search platforms isn't enough - you need an essential marketing strategy that brings them together. How all these different communications channels work together is the key to achieving the impact you want for your business.

Do not underestimate the value of investing in more than one marketing platform. You need more than just search advertising or social marketing to get your message out there.


As a 21st century marketer, your best bet is to create an integrated strategy that includes social marketing and search advertising in every step of your campaign. This can consist of content creation, posting on social media, and buying ads through SEO or SEM channels.

These approaches will empower you with the best way to reach your customers and deliver appropriate solutions.

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