Published on 9th of August, 2023

MasterClass - What You Can Learn From Their SMM Strategy

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MasterClass isn't just any old online education platform - it caters to the need for education delivery in an era of rapid technological change. The COVID-19 year is an important event for MasterClass as it brought new opportunities.

Many people are focusing on self-development and online courses these days. So, to make sure they can stay up to date with everything, MasterClass launched a platform that covers a vast number of topics. It's a place where they can find their bliss and learn anything about their favorite fields.

This e-learning platform generously shared its successful campaigns with other brands, so others can learn from them. The brand mentioned many ways that helped with achieving success, such as bringing in new media attention and using the most effective digital tactics to attain the much-desired results in brand awareness.

To determine MasterClass's level of notoriety, we looked at its reputation, brand awareness, and the people who promote them. A close analysis of its social media influencers reveals the success of its marketing strategy. Its level of engagement shows that the brand is putting in efforts to promote its services online.

What you can earn by using MasterClass’ digital strategy

1. Brand Awareness

Just look at how much this brand has grown. We counted ~2,500 online mentions and 14.3 million impressions in just 7 days, with thousands of impressions per post!

Some words that were used to track MasterClass' mentions were also connected to their rivals, and they appeared alongside the brand name quite often. Search terms like teacher, author, academic, academy, courses, classes, learn, and six months.

2. Repute

Negative reviews of MasterClass were 6.6% while reviews praising the service were 19.1%. The remaining percentage of reviews was neutral. These findings suggest people loved the courses they took and liked the brand’s visibility online.

3. Notable Influencers

Awario’s reports contain a list of influencers and promoters who have been talking about different brands. You can choose which platforms you want to analyze.

From a recent report that captured all the online platforms, it turns out the e-learning mogul is the winner. Sites like New York Magazine, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, and lots of other prestigious media sites mention the brand.

Approaches used by MasterClass for advertising and branding

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MasterClass is the best place to learn diverse skills from industry professionals. They have two distinctive attributes that set them apart from other digital schools:

First, their subjects are very different and they usually focus more on learning the world system than on acquiring the skill. Second, the course is very entertaining and taught alongside a well-structured documentary, leading to practical teaching sessions for the 21st century.

For instance, a course taught by Chris Hadfield on Intergalactic Exploration will not teach you about becoming an astronaut but would provide you with knowledge of what astronauts do and their day-to-day activities while exposing you to life in outer space.

Gordon Ramsey, Stephen King, and Helen Mirren are names that have become synonymous with MasterClass because of their frequent appearances on the e-learning platform. These celebrities have taught courses on it.

MasterClass is successful because it gives people the opportunity to learn from the best teachers. This is a part of the MasterClass ad strategy. They know people want to learn from the best and they won't disappoint.

1. Pictorial branding

MasterClass is a well-known brand that has a unique design and a wide range of courses to offer. Their graphic design seeks to accentuate the variety of opinions and knowledge offered in their classes and courses.

The company’s primary features for brand identity are the emblem, photography style, and underscore. These can be seen in their logo and on other awareness/visibility materials.

2. Influencer advertising

MasterClass is centered on its use of influencers in advertising. Not only does this help you raise awareness of your business, but it also helps you to tap into the celebrities' audiences. Fans are always excited about the chance to learn from their favorite celebrity, so they’ll be happy to sign up for the course whether or not they're interested in the topic.

3. Search Engine Optimization and content marketing

This online learning platform is primarily a video-based site, so they rank on search engines through their videos. They also post content on their blog; these articles are usually SEO-friendly and provide tips for searchers to solve common problems.

4. Courses offered on MasterClass

The expertly designed courses are appealing to customers who want to explore only one strand of their expertise, like cooking or guitar playing.

Social media is where the e-learning platform gets most of its attention—a whopping 82%. Understudying MasterClass’ strategies could teach other businesses important lessons here.

5. Approaches used for social media ads

Because MasterClass is primarily a video-based platform, they prioritized online communities that favor visual content. They are most active on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Their first ad was a video where one of their tutors was seen talking about his philosophy and job and later urged viewers to sign up for the course.

They also have a second promotional video called "So Much New to Know." The ad was aimed at people who are already familiar with the company but had not registered yet. It shows the platform bragging about all the courses they teach and also names off their celebrity tutors.

6. The brand’s social media accounts

Instagram: They've got 2.7 million subscribers and an average post will get hundreds of comments and (tens to hundreds of) thousands of likes.

YouTube: Their videos have over 253+ million views and the channel has 940,000+ subscribers.

Facebook: Here, their followers are 3.3 million strong. They will usually post links to their online course with a solid call to action.

Twitter: This platform has a lower profile than Facebook, but they have a similar strategy where they share links to their website through video uploads.

7. Advertising hacks from MasterClass

One way to save time and to advertise the latest updates is by recycling old content. Courses, tutorials, guides, and articles can all become online videos or new media posts. This is great for businesses that want to promote their services while saving time and effort.

Audience targeting is also key here. A brand should not try to advertise more than one product at a time. It can lead to confusion with audiences who will be unable to narrow down on any specific item. Brands should remember not to target a broad audience in a single ad.

8. Creative writing on new media

MasterClass instructors often introduce their videos with short stories of their own. The tone of the course is set with these stories, which leads to the class content for the day. They write about the celebrities’ struggles, weaknesses, lifestyles, and the things they did to get past their struggles.

One of the best ways to market your company is by telling a story. Humans are naturally drawn to stories, and it's even better if you're the one doing the telling.

You'll be able to highlight your successes, as well as those of your customers, which will give people hope that they too can one day succeed. Tie the narrative back into something happening now and show how your product can take buyers from point A to point B.

Stories form a bigger component of an advertising campaign when you're targeting a cold audience. Always tie the previous ad with the new one to reinforce your message and remind them of your brand.

Concluding thoughts

Digital campaigning is innovating online education. MasterClass combines all the modern media marketing techniques—content recycling, influencer promotion, and storytelling—to produce amazing results.

So, get back on track with these game-changing strategies today. Apply them to your next brand campaign, monitor noteworthy mentions on social media, relate with your audience and influencers, analyze what competitors are doing, and push ahead with building your reputation and visibility.

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