Published on 17th of January, 2024

Getting Started on Instagram: 13 Things You Need to Know

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Instagram, like most social media platforms, has become a go-to for marketers because of its growing audience.

You might have set up an account for personal use but this post will show you exactly how to build a business around it.

Below are some guidelines you can follow to get started on Instagram:

1. Download the Instagram app

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This is an obvious decision as Instagram is a mobile platform, though you can view your page with limited functionality on desktop devices. Nonetheless, most of your activities will be conducted via the mobile application.

2. Choose a befitting username

Your username is what differentiates you from others on the platform. When choosing a username, do so carefully as names could send lots of information to a first-time audience.

All you need to do is register using either your Facebook account or an email address and you’ll be prompted to provide your username.

Remember that this differs from your full names, which you will later provide as well. You can put your business name when prompted for your full name.

3. Update your profile

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Next up for you is to update your profile. You have a limited number of characters (150) to work with, so choose your words very carefully to describe your business in the clearest way possible.

Go straight to the point by being specific about what you offer and at what locations. You could also put a link that can redirect the audience to your website, blog, online store, or landing page.

4. Upload a profile picture

Next, you need to select a profile picture and this can also be very sensitive as it tells a lot about your business. Your profile picture should resonate with your audience and in most cases, business logos are the go-to.

Upload the picture on your mobile device as you cannot do this on the desktop version for now.

Instagram also makes it very possible to access and import profile pictures from both Twitter and Facebook.

5. Research your competitors

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Just like venturing into any business, you need to know what your competitors are doing right and wrong. Good enough, Instagram competition research doesn't need you to employ an expert. They are quite easy to do.

You just need to check out the kinds of pictures they post, how and when they post, the type of people who comment on their posts, etc. Try to identify your target audience during this stage of research.

6. Upload a photo

At this stage, you can upload your first photo, and it’s easy. All you need to do is take a new picture or select an existing one; you can crop and enhance it with the numerous filter options available.

When you’re done, you can decide to add a location to it, tag people, and include relevant hashtags.

7. Send the news out

It is not enough to just register an Instagram account. Let people know that your business is now on Instagram so existing customers can follow.

One easy way to do this is to use your email list if you have any. Send out an email to your contacts and you’re sure to get one or more followers from there.

You can also leverage other social networks by announcing your handle. Don't forget to add your Instagram link to your website as well; this will redirect users to your profile and lead to some followers.

8. Follow others

At this stage, you can now follow other Instagrammers. You can even follow your competitors so you know what they’re up to.

When you follow others, it can inspire you in a lot of ways because it exposes you to several views and ideas. Some ‌accounts you follow may even follow you back in the process.

9. Grow your account

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You’ll need to build your profile by growing your list of followers. You can do this by engaging with existing ones while reeling fresh ones in.

Do well to reply to private messages, like and reply to comments, and update your account regularly.

10. Avoid buying followers

This might become very tempting, considering how cheap it can be. But the aim shouldn’t be just the numbers. You need activities on your page.

When you buy followers, they usually do not add any quality to your account. They most likely will not engage your content and might not even convert.

Well, that’s unless you buy from Like4Like; our service delivers genuine likes and followers from real users. You can try it for yourself today.

When your list is real, this improves the overall quality of your account. You can easily engage with real people and build some social trust in no time.

11. Experiment again and again

There are a lot of things you can do with your Instagram account. Some will be successful; others won't.

There’s no better way to be sure of what works than to experiment. You can try shoutouts, Insta Stories, Reels, Highlights, and others.

When you gain data-driven confidence in what works for you, you can capitalize on them. But without experiment, you just might never know.

12. User-generated content

Don’t underestimate the function of user-generated content in your social media marketing strategy.

Do well to post these pieces of content on your page but be sure to acknowledge them. These can come in the way of testimonies or just a simple demonstration of your product.

When they upload a picture/video showing them using your product or service, repost them. This has a way of improving your social score as it’s not seen as a paid advert.

13. Monitor and analyze

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You should be able to review your activities periodically. This tells you when you’re going in the right direction or not. If you are, then you can do more of that.

When you analyze your data, it shows you how engaging your posts have been. It also shows you how you have been gaining or losing followers.

Instagram can become your go-to platform as regards social media marketing, but you need to know how it works.

The above tips can greatly enhance such knowledge when you follow them religiously.

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