Published on 4th of August, 2021

Instagram Branding: A Complete Beginners' Guide for 2021

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Are you just starting with your brand on Instagram? Do you want to know the strategies to adopt for better branding? Or you just want to know how to build and enable your brand to thrive?

Then this complete guide is for you. The information will give you only the workable ideas that will help you achieve all of that. So keep reading:


Stay active to achieve Instagram branding

How else will you achieve your desire on Instagram when you are not active?. The truth is to brand your Instagram you would need a community. So what are the little ways to stay active on Instagram?

You should follow others, like others' posts, and comment on other posts. So you can use the trick of liking some posts and commenting on others.

The response to these actions of yours will be for them to follow back and likewise like your posts as well. So in the process, you are already standing out and getting your Instagram account to stand out already.


Publish quality content… consistently

Just like people love to have quality things or more quality things are noticed. Same with applying to your Instagram page. If your page is about your brand, you would be giving more people reasons to take a look at your Instagram account.

Branding on Instagram needs you to be creative, so dig deep and bring out the creativity in you to have a different style of posting to drive followers to your account.

Learn to plan your posts at least 2 weeks ahead of you and maybe post them 1 per day. Try not to run out of ideas. Do your research to come up with fresh ideas to post.


Have a signature style

This is one of the outstanding strategies you can adopt for your Instagram branding. You would be letting people know what you are all about with your style.

So start by getting your signature style on Instagram, this means that you would always be recognized with this style pattern. Automatically, you have branded your account without much ado.

So the little tip is to choose your theme and customize it to how you want it. Branding is all about standing out. So get your style for your account and keep enhancing it till you get it right.


Know your goal

You must have had a goal you needed to achieve when you thought of Instagram branding. Then you must focus on it to achieve it.

Trying to brand on Instagram can be very confusing because there is a lot of competition out there.

With over 2 billion users on a platform, you should know there’s a subtle and direct competition going out to stand out. So if you don’t want to get lost in the crowd, you would need to focus on your first goal.

Maybe if you are about dogs, then you should focus on sharing photos of dogs and other things that are concerned that. Don’t follow the bandwagon on whatever is trending or their own goals.

If you don’t have a goal at the start, you can draw inspiration from other accounts on the platform. Just search through Instagram to draw inspiration.


Adopt the strategic use of hashtags

Instagram branding needs more exposure to one’s account, the way to get this kind of exposure is through the adoption of hashtags. So it’s to find out the hashtags that associate with your goals for your branding and maximize the usage.

If you don’t still don’t know what hashtags to use then you can just watch what successful Instagram competitions in your same line of goals are using.

The use of hashtags can’t be over-emphasized because it is one way of getting exposure to your account when people are browsing.

You can use hashtags for almost all your posts. You wouldn’t be wrong doing that.


Go into partnership with other accounts

This is one way of branding your Instagram account and you can grow your account this way too. You just have to check out other accounts you can partner with.

It should be accounts with almost the same or same engagement or following. This is like doing a shoutout for a shoutout. The simple way of achieving this is to post anything on your page, then when you are captioning the post you include your partner's Instagram username or handle for a follow from your followers.

Your partner will also do the same on his or her account for a follow on your account. So it will be a win-win thing for the two partners as they recommend each other for more exposure.


Patience in the mix

You know that patience is a virtue you need to adopt. Nothing has ever been achieved overnight. So apart from putting the following tips to work, you need to also apply patience to see your Instagram branding be a reality.

Don’t give up easily even when you are yet to see the needed effects. It will turn out just the way you had anticipated if you hold on more. It took me more than 3 weeks to see the effects on my account.

But I was happy that it was working so I kept at it and the result was fantastic. So appreciate the little positive impact and hopefully, it will be going full circle in no time.



Instagram branding is a great way of getting the exposure you crave for. You need to work at it to achieve your goal. Remember even the greatest brand you follow on Instagram started from scratch.

It must have taken the time and effort to get it right. The first right thing to do is to get the basic information to be your guiding information.

With the right information, you would have to go through the trial and error process. This piece will give you the directive you needed for your Instagram branding.

All you need to do is to follow the above steps systematically to make a success of it.

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