Published on 15th of June, 2022

Increase Engagement With an Instagram Stories Takeover

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You can expand your engagement and reach in an instant with an Instagram Stories takeover. You can partner with an influencer or another content creator to take over your Stories for an hour or a full day or weekend. Then, the person can regularly upload Stories of them using your products or services. Stories takeovers can serve as product and brand endorsements, allowing you to build trust with your audience. Let’s go over some tips for your Instagram Stories takeover so that you can get the best results. 


Define a Goal

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A Stories takeover is like any other marketing effort. It begins by setting a goal. You need to think about what you want to get out of your takeover. Some goals include growing your audience, promoting a product, or boosting engagement. By defining a goal, you can determine the direction for your Stories takeover campaign. Then, it will be much easier to achieve the desired results.  


Choose a Host

Next, you need to find someone to host your takeover. You can choose employees, customers, or influencers for the takeover. However, you do need to find someone who is part of your target market, so your customer base will tune into the Stories. 

After you find someone you think will be a good fit, review the person’s Instagram account to ensure their regular content fits with your brand. You also need to make sure that others engage with the person’s content. Someone with high engagement levels will help you reach your goal for the takeover. 


Choose the Launch Date and Length 

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Before you reach out to the potential host, you need to determine the launch date and length of the takeover. When choosing a launch date, make sure it’s at least a month in advance so you’ll have ample time to prepare. Then, you need to determine the length of the takeover. You can host a brief takeover or have someone run your Stories for a day or longer. The length should align with your overall goal for the takeover.  


Decide Between a Full Account and Semi-account Takeover

Next, you need to decide if you want to run a full account or semi-account takeover. A full account takeover is just as it sounds. The host will log into your Instagram account and post to your Stories. This is the most authentic way to host a takeover. The host gets to post in his or her own voice and can respond to comments in real-time. If you do this, make sure you change the password after the takeover so the host cannot get back into your account. 

If you choose to have a semi-account takeover, the host will send the content to you, and you will post it. This will give you complete control, and it makes it easier on the host. However, the host will have to use his or her own account to reply to comments, and the takeover won’t look nearly as authentic. 

If you’re afraid to give a host full control, consider a semi-account takeover first. Then, you can go with a full account takeover after you feel more comfortable with the process. 


Determine Takeover Requirements

You also need to create a list of requirements for the takeover. While it’s important to give the host some freedom, you need to ensure that he or she follows some guidelines. You can have specific requirements about shooting and handling editing requests. Also, go over the ad disclosure requirements to ensure that the host complies with the rules. 


Pitch Your Takeover to a Potential Host

You have a potential host in mind, so now it’s time to send your pitch. Go over our takeover strategy and explain why you’ve selected the host. Keep in mind that the host will likely only agree if it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Explain how the takeover can help that person expand his or her reach. Also, if the user is starting out as an influencer, explain how the takeover can lead to other partnerships. It’s a great way for influencers to get on the map.  


Let the World Know About Your Takeover

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Both you and the host should promote the takeover leading up to the event. You can provide the host with some graphics and captions to help promote the takeover if necessary. However, the host should edit the captions to ensure they sound authentic.

While most of your promotional efforts will take place on Instagram, don’t stop there. You should also promote the takeover on other social media networks. Also, if you have an email list, promote the takeover to your subscribers. Get the word out to as many people as possible, so your takeover will be a success. 


Execute the Takeover

Finally, it will be time for the big day. You will turn your account over to the host. If you are running a semi-account takeover, stay close to your device so that you can review and post the Stories. On the other hand, if you’re doing a full account takeover, send the host your login information. Then, review the content as the host posts it. If you notice any issues, reach out to the host so he or she can make adjustments. 


Review the Analytics

Once the takeover is over, review the analytics to see how it performed. See if you reached your goal. If not, consider what happened. Did your goal align with the type of campaign you were running? You can make adjustments for your next takeover to reach your goal. After a bit of practice, you will find the best strategy for your account. 


Begin Planning an Instagram Stories Takeover

Now you have the tools necessary to run a successful Instagram Stories takeover. Think of your goals and a potential host. Then, create your strategy, partner with the host, and launch the takeover. Once your takeover goes live, watch your engagement levels and reach grow.


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