Published on 17th of August, 2022

Instagram Reels Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Instagram Reels allows you to create and upload 15-second multi-clip videos. You can add effects and audio, plus use creative tools for the videos. Reels are currently taking Instagram by storm, with many thinking that Instagram is prioritizing these posts above all others. You can get in on the fun by creating your own Reels. First, though, you need to learn some common mistakes so you can avoid them. Then, you’ll be in the position to benefit from adding Reels to your marketing strategy. 

Recycling Videos From Other Apps

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Some Instagram users take content they’ve created for other apps and post it on Reels. This commonly happens with TikTok videos. People take a successful TikTok video and throw it up on Reels in hopes of it going viral. 

However, Instagram gives preference to original content. If you repurpose content from another app, your Reels won’t receive many views. 

You don’t have to start from scratch when creating Reels, though. You can take your existing video and make some changes so it’s fresh and unique. Then, you can get the engagement you want on Instagram.

Not Using Closed Captions

If you look at Reels on Instagram, you’ll notice some have closed captions while others don’t. Failing to include closed captions is a big mistake, though. First, some users are hard of hearing. By including closed captions, they can enjoy your video clip. Second, people often keep the sound off when watching videos on social media. They’ll miss the point of the video if you don’t include captions.

While you can type out the captions, using an app is easier. Clipomatic and other apps will transcribe and caption your videos for you. Once your captions are ready, make sure to center them so they’ll be easy to read.

Not Sharing Reels to Your Feed

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You want as many people to see your Reels as possible. That won’t happen if you only share them to the Reels tab. When you post Reels, you have the option to share them on your feed as well. As you can imagine, you can get a lot more views when you do this. Make sure you enable this feature every time you upload a new Reel.

Not Including a Custom Thumbnail

When you share Reels to your feed, you can choose a thumbnail image. You can select an image from the video, but adding a custom thumbnail is even better. You can create a thumbnail template for your Reels videos. Then, edit it for each video that you upload. This will help you create a cohesive look on your feed while also compelling people to view your videos. 

Failing to Have a Hook

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Because Reels are so short, people don’t think about the importance of a hook. However, you only have a split second to grab people’s attention. If you don’t generate excitement from the jump, people will scroll by your video. 

You can use different strategies to hook people. Some users add flashing text to the first screen to grab people’s attention. Others take special care with the first words in the video so people can’t help but keep watching. Test different strategies so you can find out what your audience wants when watching Reels.

Losing Attention in the Reels

Once you grab people’s attention, you have to keep it. Boring transitions and effects will make your Reels dull, so people will click out before getting to the end. Pay special attention to your effects and transitions. They should be visually appealing and exciting so people stay through to the end.

Forgetting to Reapply Effects to All the Clips

When you select audio, you’ll add it to all of your clips at once. However, it’s not the same for effects. If you choose an effect for your first clip, it won’t carry over to the next one, and so on. Failing to include effects in all of your clips is a huge mistake. Your Reels won’t stand out, and the clips won’t look like they are part of the same video. Make sure that you add effects to each clip so your videos look professional.

Ignoring the Trends

Reels are a lot like TikTok videos. Trends come and go quickly, and creators that manage to hop on the trends get the most exposure. You have a limited time to get in on a trend, though. If you fall outside of the window, you won’t get nearly as many views or as much engagement. Spend some time looking at Reels each day to find out what’s trending. Then, take part in the trend. This will help you reach a huge audience.

Not Including a CTA

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Instagram Reels can be an excellent tool for getting people to take some sort of action, such as visiting your website or going to your feed. Still, lots of creators miss the opportunity by forgetting to add a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the Reel. Include a CTA to the end of your Reels so you can get people to take another action, even if it’s just checking out your account and following you. If you don’t do this, you’re missing a fantastic opportunity. 

Not Engaging With Your Audience

The reception to Instagram Reals has been huge. Many users leave comments after viewing the videos. Failing to respond to the comments is a huge mistake. Keeping the conversation going will increase your engagement rates. Instagram’s algorithm considers engagement levels across the board when choosing which posts to show users. If you want to get your posts in front of more people, responding to comments is a good start.

Create Killer Reels by Avoiding These Mistakes

Avoiding these mistakes will help you create killer Reels that get high levels of engagement. That, in turn, can help you grow your Instagram presence. Your posts will reach more people, so you can increase your follower count. Then, you can use Instagram to make sales and more.

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