Published on 17th of November, 2021

Essential Tips to Fly Your Instagram Game During the Pandemic

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The coronavirus crisis is a critical ebb in world history, but this overwhelming stick doesn't come without its carrot. People now have more time on their hands, so we tend to scroll through social media content more often.

A lot of big-time businesses have gone online not just with their operations but also with their marketing. But many brands are aware that Instagram is no longer business as usual.

IG marketing now requires a lot of adjustments. The platform used to be the go-to spot for the latest trends in different sections of life. But more than ever, Instagram is now a global market for businesses.

Many brand promotions used to surround HD images of the perfect life, beautiful scenes, captivating clothing styles, chic delicacies, and generally excellent outdoor experiences. Unfortunately, none of these will fly in this period—not with the travel bans, social distancing, lockdown, etc.

The question is, how do you navigate the right form of promotion and fly your Instagram game without being insensitive to the times?

Here are some tips to give your brand an edge on Instagram during this pandemic.


Timing is still very essential

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A post in time can give a tremendous rise to your engagements on Instagram. Timing has always been critical here, but the pandemic might have shifted the usual proportionality of posts' responses with time patterns.

Before now, putting out content on weekends was way less engaging than dishing out content during the weekdays. However, this pattern varied for different niches and audiences.

But due to the increased number of people working from home, all days of the week have experienced an increased level of engagement. Consequently, the usage pattern is gradually flattening throughout the days of the week.

The idea is to study the patterns of your audience and discern when your followers are most active. If you had a timing strategy that was working before the pandemic, you might have to revisit it.


Avoid buying followers and do away with bots 

You heard right! Bots are exactly what those bought followers are. This was a huge trend, predominant amongst brands desperate to get thousands and millions of followers inorganically. Two very essential things that those fake followers would not provide are authenticity and engagement.

Buying followers will only make you seem followed but what you need are users in need of your products or services. Furthermore, the pandemic has increased the need for products and services online. So having one sure client might lead to even more subsequent patronage.

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Always keep your followers in the know

Yes, never forget to inform your potential and existing customers about what you plan to do. It's a surefire approach to upsurging your performance on Instagram.

Since most of your users follow several other brands and celebrities (some, hundreds; some, thousands), it's easy to get lost in the ocean of feeds.

Sometimes, posting images and videos all the time isn't enough to keep your content in the mind of your followers. Such frequency might be productive if done moderately, else it could hit the followers the wrong way.


Your followers should always anticipate your content

Creating anticipation is a more mature way to stay in the mind of your followers. Be it an Instagram Live, reel, or any other captivating way of making your announcement.

But for this to work, your content has to be quite creative, such that it'll stick in the mind of your audience. More so, what's to come should be very much worth waiting for.


You need more than your followers

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Having thousands or even millions of followers isn't enough reason for you to settle.

Think of it this way. Every other Instagrammer who isn't seeing your posts right now is one potential client who should be patronizing your brand, business, or content.

A hashtag is one tool that can help bridge the gulf between your content and non-followers, making it easier for others to find you.

As you must have noticed during this pandemic, many music challenges have been extraordinarily popular and engaging on social networks.

A vital element of these challenges is the strategic use of unique hashtags. Hashtags are the perfect way to draw more attention to your brand. They also help organize your content and put you in the eye of so many other users, especially now that they're looking for brands to patronize. However, you would have to use it in moderation.


Invest in Instagram Live

One thing that the lockdowns have stripped us of is physical interactions. With the social distancing rules enacted, we can no longer co-exist as we used to.

COVID-19 has thrown a lot of people in a craving for face-to-face and direct conversations. Instagram Live is arguably the closest to that. When next you want to give online check-ins or announce your product launch, go Live and connect with your audience.


Do not sleep on your remarketing campaigns

Whether you like it or not, the average online client finds it quite stressful to make a payment and go through banking processes. Lots of clients will stop halfway until you re-engage or motivate them.

Now that people have more browsing time on their hands, you should re-engage them. Look for persons who might have visited your product page before.

Also, search for users who have responded to your posts on Instagram. This time, you need to compel them with something better like promos, special offers, or discounts.


Be sensitive to the pandemic

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At times like this, your brand should be lifting spirits and providing ways of living better under the pressure of lockdown and fears for our health. If your brand or business doesn't nourish any of this factor, you might need some remodeling.

For instance, say your brand is about classy and expensive wears like Chanel bags and Balenciaga backless dresses. It might not be best to go about such promotions at this time. Nobody wants to wear that to an isolation center.

This is the right time to be more authentic and start rolling out your sweatpants and hoodies. Your products should respect the COVID-19 crisis.

This pandemic has brought a change that might be the beginning of a new trajectory. One that will remain even after the global virus. Don't be left out; start now!


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