Published on 7th of December, 2022

Don’t Fall for These Instagram Algorithm Myths

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There is a lot of confusion about how the algorithm works. The confusion is made worse by all the myths surrounding the site’s ranking factors. Check out some common Instagram algorithm myths, along with the facts. Then, you’ll find that it’s much easier to develop an effective marketing strategy on the social network. 

Myth: The Algorithm Rewards Daily Posting

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Do you think that the algorithm expects you to post each day, and if you don’t, your account will take a hit? That can make you feel stressed out about your social media strategy. Fortunately, there’s no need to stress since this is only a myth. While you don’t have to post daily, you do need to post consistently. Don’t disappear for weeks and months, and then make a post. If you do that, the algorithm will likely bury you. However, if you upload a few quality posts a week, your account can get a nice boost. 

Myth: The Instagram Algorithm Doesn’t Consider Likes 

There’s a myth that Instagram likes no longer matter. Some users think that Instagram doesn’t count likes when determining engagement, but that isn’t true. Instagram analyzes engagement, including likes, when deciding which posts to display. If your posts aren’t getting enough engagement, you can buy Instagram likes. Then, your engagement level will increase, and Instagram will show your posts to more people. This is a way to work with the algorithm to ensure that your posts reach more people. 

Myth: Instagram’s Algorithm Makes It Harder to Get Stories Views

Some users have complained that it’s harder to get views on Stories than it was in the past. This caused people to believe that Instagram’s algorithm is purposefully directing people away from Stories. However, this is nothing but a myth. While it’s true that some users have experienced a decline in Story views, it comes down to the site’s crackdown on bots. Before, bots were “viewing” Stories, causing view counts to go up. Now, your view count is more authentic. Thus, the numbers might be lower, but you have a much better idea of your Stories’ performance since the views are real.

Myth: You Have to Buy Ads to Reach More Than 7 Percent of Your Followers

Some people believe that organic Instagram posts only reach up to 7 percent of their followers. In addition, they think that they have to buy Instagram ads to reach more people, but that’s not the case. The Instagram algorithm is designed to show posts that will grab people’s interest. If your organic posts have high engagement levels, you can reach numerous people, including those that don’t currently follow you. Thus, you need to focus on increasing your engagement rates instead of spending money on ads. This is another area where buying real Instagram likes can help. 

Myth: Instagram’s Algorithm Hurts Business Accounts

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You might have heard that you won’t get as much engagement if you switch to a business account due to Instagram’s algorithm. Fortunately, this is yet another myth. The algorithm works the same for business and personal accounts. Thus, if you create engaging content, you will reach more users.

Switching to a business account might not impact your engagement, but it does come with serious benefits. You’ll have access to additional analytics you can use for developing and tweaking your marketing strategy. Also, you can add the swipe-up link feature to your Stories and more. Thus, you should consider switching to a business account if you haven’t already done so. Then, you’ll find that it’s much easier to run and manage marketing campaigns. 

Myth: You Have 24 Hours to Respond to Comments…or Else

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Responding to comments is an important part of your Instagram marketing strategy. However, you don’t need to stress yourself out about responding within 24 hours. While a quick response is helpful, Instagram’s algorithm does not penalize users who fail to respond within 24 hours. Instead, it analyzes the quality of the responses. You should respond in a way that engages your followers and stimulates conversation. Then, you’ll notice that your posts will start reaching more people. On the other hand, if you respond quickly but generically, you might start reaching fewer people. 

Myth: Your Follower Count Is More Important Than Everything Else

There’s also a myth that your follower count is the most important metric. In reality, engagement is even more important than follower count. If you have a high follower count but little to no engagement, the algorithm won’t display your posts to as many people. Plus, you’ll have a hard time getting conversions on the social network. Thus, you should try to grow your followers but remain focused on engagement. That way, you will continue to reach more people. 

Myth: Follow-for-Follow Is an Easy Way to Crack the Algorithm

Some people believe that the follow-for-follow strategy is the key to growing their Instagram presence quickly. This is the process of following everyone who follows you and having others do the same. Those who advocate for this strategy think that Instagram will see a high follower count and immediately show their posts to more people. However, this strategy won’t allow you to attract followers in your target market. Thus, they won’t engage with your posts, so you won’t rank high with the algorithm. Instead of using this strategy, grow your following organically

Myth: There’s Only One Algorithm

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Instagram uses different algorithms for its various features, such as feed posts and Stories. However, the algorithms are very similar to one another. If you utilize the best practices across the board, your posts can get in front of lots of people. Still, the algorithms do differ from feature to feature, so you might need to adjust your strategy a bit for the best results. 

Remove the Myths From Your Marketing Strategy 

Now that you know the truth behind the myths, you can fine-tune your Instagram marketing strategy. Your new strategy might include buying real Instagram likes, transferring to a business account, and growing your follower count organically.

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