Published on 28th of June, 2023

Best Instagram Captions From Brands

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You spend a lot of time coming up with videos and images to post on Instagram, but what about the captions? Captions take posts to the next level by providing important details and compelling people to take action. Unfortunately, coming up with something to say can be challenging, but you can get some help by checking out the best Instagram captions from brands. While you can’t copy these captions, you can take a page out of the brands’ playbooks when creating your own.

Get a Laugh Like Taco Bell 

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Some of the best captions have a little dose of humor. Funny captions make people stop scrolling to see more, and you can expect to get lots of engagement when using humor. 

Taco Bell is one of the best when it comes to adding humor to captions. You can look through the brand’s Instagram feed to find one funny caption after the next, including this post with fire sauce as pocket squares. The caption reads: “Pocket Sauce > Pocket Square.” It’s already scored more than 4,000 likes, and the number keeps growing. 

And then there’s the post with a recent graduate chowing down on Taco Bell. She’s still in her cap and grown and has used mild sauce packets to spell out “21.” The caption reads, “Cheesin’ for the camera: Nacho Cheesin.” It manages to be funny and on-brand, so it’s easy to see why it’s closing in on 6,000 likes. 

Another great Taco Bell post features two people dressed in Taco Bell attire. The clothes look like jumpsuits and contain Taco Bell images and slogans. The brand made a joke about how the new Holiday Retail Collection is available, and followers rewarded the taco giant with more than 7,000 likes. 

Invite Others to Share Like the Last Bookstore

This Instagram page represents California’s largest used and new bookstore, and it’s a gem of an account. In fact, it’s hard to focus on just one thing the Last Bookstore does well because it excels in numerous categories. For example, it often features quotes from famous authors, which are always a hit with the page’s followers. Plus, the posts are visually stunning and jump off the screen. If you were to pick one thing to focus on, though, consider the brand’s efforts regarding community engagement. 

The Last Bookstore recently created a post announcing a weekly photo contest. It invited people to submit photos of the bookstore each week for the chance to win a $50 store credit. The Last Bookstore is visually stunning, so it makes sense that people tend to take pictures when inside, and the bookstore found a way to use it to its advantage. Even if you don’t have a breathtaking location, you can still invite your followers to upload photos of your establishment. Plus, you can have them upload pictures of them using your products. 

Be Timely Like Everlane

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Everlane uses Instagram to promote its lineup of modern essentials and does a fantastic job of photographing products. It’s also a leader when it comes to captions. The brand does an excellent job of creating timely captions that get people to take action. 

For instance, it posted an image of a person wearing the new lineup of bucket hats and captioned it with “Sun’s out – and so our new bucket hats.”

In another post, it wished everyone a happy holiday and invited them to stay cozy with some products. Again, this was a timely post and generated a lot of engagement. 

Think of what’s going on right now and see if you can tie it into your brand or products. If you can, you’ll be able to reach lots of people on Instagram. 

Let Followers in on a Secret Like KFC

Your followers want to feel like they’re in the know when it comes to your brand, and you can make that happen with the right captions. Take KFC, for instance. The brand posted a caption that let its followers in on the secret to its delicious fries. Then, it added #NationalFryDay. With almost 29,000 views, it’s clear that people wanted in on the secret and were also happy to celebrate National Fry Day. 

While you might not have some secret spices to share, you likely have some secrets related to your brand. Use your captions to share just enough to keep your followers engaged.

Introduce Followers to Your Team Like Lazy Oaf

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Lazy Oaf sells men’s and women’s streetwear, and it has quite a following on Instagram. Part of that is because it’s managed to remove the wall between the brand and its customers by introducing team members on Instagram. 

As you scroll through the page, you’ll see various employee profiles. Each profile is captioned with in-depth details about the employee. For instance, it introduced Brand Partnerships Manager Emma in one post, going over her personal likes and duties and work. 

You can do the same by introducing your employees and yourself on Instagram. Spend some time writing killer captions for these posts so people can get to know you and the rest of your team. 

Focus on Exclusivity Like Liquid Death 

Liquid Death makes mountain water and has amassed over 700,000 followers on Instagram along the way. It probably also gets lots of sales thanks to the captions on its Instagram posts. For instance, Liquid Death uploaded a post that featured a new exclusive refrigerator. The entire caption was about how scarce and hard it is to get the fridge is but explained that people had a chance to get one that day. With that kind of language, shoppers didn’t feel like they had time to wait to make a decision. Those who wanted that product knew they had to jump in immediately and buy it. 

The brand took a similar tactic when promoting The Death Clock. The post about the exclusive watch racked up over 10,500 likes, so it got people’s attention. It reminded people that they had to become a Liquid Death Country Club Member to get the watch, so it also pushed for signups for the program. This post was a big win, and you can enjoy some of the same success by adding some exclusivity to your marketing campaign. 

Craft Your Own Winning Captions

These captions will give you a much better idea of how to market on Instagram. Review the captions for a bit, and then start writing. You should be much more comfortable writing captions for Instagram after familiarizing yourself with the best ones. Then, you’ll be on the right path to engage your audience while growing your following on Instagram.

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