Published on 11th of August, 2021

Top Trending Product Niches on Instagram in 2021

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There are trending product niches on Instagram if you are wondering about products you can start for your business. The fact is that Instagram is believed now to be the future social e-commerce platform.

When one considers the numbers of people, brands, and businesses on the platform, then there’s no doubt about this assertion. So if you are a business-minded person all you need to cash out is having the right products to get into.

So are you wondering about the products you can indulge in to make that big sale and get huge profits? Then you need to take a look at the below niches.

These are products that suit the current trends. You just have to take advantage of the over 1 billion active users on Instagram to make your financial life a lot of fluid.


The jewelry niche

This is one of the outstanding niches you can make good sales on Instagram. There are a lot of jewelry lovers on Instagram.

Remember the active ages are between 18-40 and these age brackets love to adore themselves with magnificent pieces.

So all you would need to do for a start is to have a visual theme for your jeel profile that will make your unique pieces outstanding. You can have some personalized pieces of jewelry that could be lovely gifts for shoppers.

Get them designs that would be irresistible. Always remember you might be competing with top brands in this niche. So get your designs to showcase and your price should be competitive as well.


The apparel niche

The apparel niche should be top of the product niches on Instagram. The millennial on Instagram loves to look good. And what else that one needs to look good than going for unique apparel.

So if you have the notch for apparel then you should just research a little on the specifics that buyers really need at a time.

If you have narrowed your sales of apparel to a certain age, then it is a brainer to know that you should go for what is trending at that time for such an age group.

With this niche, it will make a world of good to use authentic images, to avoid heavily staged photos.

Let the buyers see what they are buying especially if they are ordering from a different country. It will enable them to get a clearer picture of what they are paying for.


The beauty and skincare product niche

The beauty and skincare product niche can be said to be the topmost product niches on Instagram.

With the number of youths on this platform, one should be sure to sell out when it comes to beauty and skincare products on this app. Beauty and skincare are like a fountain for the Millennial and they do not joke with smelling and looking good.

For this niche products like vitamin c serums and facial rollers are like the dominant Beauty and skincare products on Instagram. So you need to have varieties of them to attract your customers.

Other areas are cruelty–free skin products same with organic beauty products these are dominant in the beauty market.

So have a big catch you can even go the long way of personalizing these products. You having a beauty line with your line of beauty products will be more pronounced for you.

A lot of shoppers on Instagram prefer it that way to having products of mass markets brands. Bottom-line here it will be to your advantage if you have products that are customized to individuals' beauty or skincare needs.


The health product niche

The top product niches on Instagram can’t be complete without the mention of the health products. The youths are always very conscious of their health; everyone still wants to look well and healthy.

As such the health products are always in high demand on the platform. The thing is that if you intend to go into the product niche, then you should be conversant with Instagram commerce policies and conform to them.

Some of the policies are that you can’t sell any kind of supplements on the platform, even vitamins, protein powders, or bars. You can’t also sell medical products, devices, or devices on the site.

So you need to stick to what is acceptable, you wouldn’t have any issues if you stick to products that would help people adhere mostly to a healthy lifestyle.

So you would be good with wellness accessories same with fitness accessories like healthy drinks, food, watches, and other pieces of equipment.


The fitness product niche

This niche is the most talk about on Instagram. The active age groups on Instagram are fitness enthusiasts and they don’t joke about being fit and in shape. The fitness industry is a growing one and it is still growing.

So the need on Instagram by fitness lovers remains incredibly high as such you would be doing a great service to yourself if you indulge in this niche.

A lot of people on the site are looking out for good fitness trainers, coaches, fitness apparel, equipment, shoes, gadgets, and lots more. 

You just need to have in place these fitness products that will interest both your followers and other people on Instagram to make a good sale. You should note that they are a lot of competitors in this niche so you would need to be outstanding.

You should try to have personalized designs for your fitness products; this is a sure way of attracting fitness shopper attention.



Instagram is a great marketplace you can take advantage of if you are keen on taking your business skills to the next level.

The number of active users on Instagram shows it would be a good ground to make mega-bucks but earlier stated, you need the right products.

The above product niches are the topmost currently on Instagram, though there are other product niches you can indulge. The truth is you need to go for the one you need fit and use the tools available to enhance your sales.

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