Published on 15th of February, 2023

Most Comments on Brand Posts Are Fake (& What You Can Do About It)

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You know how everybody wants to see comments on their posts, especially the ones promoting a product.

Well, after some time spent analyzing this, we've realized that many of these brand comments are fake and insincere, making it a cause of worry for many marketers and businesses.

After reading this article, you will learn why so many comments on brands' posts are fake and what you can do about it.

Current social media reality

Numerous social platforms are contemplating halting the use of comments. This is because there has been a high rate of fake comments on posts.

Mostly, fake comments are automated and do not come from real people, coming from social media bots.

You may have seen comments coming in immediately after just a few seconds of posting brand content. We've experienced the same thing many times. This is because most of these comments are automatically generated.

Automated comments created by bots are impossible to engage with, which has become a big problem for many businesses on social media.

What are bots, and why do they exist?

Bots are automated systems designed to make an account grow. They can also trigger engagements and interactions.

People create bots to simulate human interaction online. For example, bots might like and comment on brand posts containing relevant hashtags that were pre-defined.

Bots can automatically follow accounts with specific profile images or bio, so it's up to the user to decide the kind of account they’re looking for. All you have to do is wait and watch your account grow.

One downside of utilizing bots is they won't grow your account if you're looking for user engagements to sell your products or services. Bots can't make replies on your posts feel genuine nor flow with emotions.

Side effects of using bots to generate comments

1. It's essential to stay in control of your account… bots could threaten that.

This is where we need to address the possible risks of bots. Your bot, for example, may give positive feedback on posts you didn't think were stellar and vice versa.

2. The new followers you're attracting may not be interested in your brand.

Bots may attract followers who are not interested in your brand or product, and they may never interact with your posts.

3. Fake comments are flooding social media sites like Instagram.

This is very frustrating for businesses that want to generate real engagement and can lead to a lack of trust with potential customers. 

4. Social networks haven’t taken a big step to put automated comments out of business.

The use of social media bots is becoming widespread these days. If you’re considering using one to grow your brand, you should know that it won’t be that easy.

Yes, it sounds incredible and prospective to grow your brand’s social presence without putting in too much effort.

It's fantastic to just sit back and watch your account grow, but there are certain negatives associated with that too. There are a few factors to take into consideration when considering an automated bot.

Though it has been discovered that 40% of Instagram posts have fake comments, there's no developed algorithm to detect them. No social platform has a reliable detection in place.

You can't detect fake comments on your posts without studying the different sorts of comments posted on your brand posts.

(Here are some tips on how to master Instagram branding for maximum success.)

What does this mean for your engagement rate?

Social media bots can indeed help you engage with your followers better. Cutting this service off might result in fewer comments on posts.

But if you were wondering whether your real engagement rate is lower than what it currently looks like, the answer is yes.

So, the number of engagements you see may be coming from automated actions, not real followers that can buy a product or interact with your business.

On the Gram, a 40% fake comment rate means only 60 of 100 comments are genuine, which affects the overall engagement rate.

How to get rid of fake comments on your posts

It's tricky to filter the fake comments from the genuine ones since there isn't a developed algorithm to help you out.

However, you mustn’t skip the few steps that will bring you success. Try these hacks:

  • Some social media platforms have introduced a feature to disable comments on posts. Although, understandably, you want to avoid bot or toxic words, this move may inadvertently stop some of your more engaged followers from being able to communicate with you.

  • One way of dealing with computer-generated comments on your post is to delete them. This is very easy since fake comments won’t have anything to do with your posts, products, or brand. Such statements will not affect your engagement rate, even if deleted.

  • Going private is a good way to deal with profiles dropping fake comments on your brand. Any comments you get will only come from the followers you approve to follow you, and it's easy to block them if they bother you.


Final thoughts

Dealing with fake comments on your posts can be very annoying, and getting rid of them can be time-consuming.

Well, you should be committed to having only real comments on your brand posts. And we hope those tips help you combat the barrage of false feedback.

Let us know how you deal with this challenge.

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