Published on 24th of February, 2024

Instagram Introduced Group Profiles: How to Use Them in Your Marketing

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Instagram recently announced new features, including Group Profiles. Let’s take a closer look at Group Profiles and how you can use them in your digital marketing campaign.

What Is a Group Profile?

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A Group Profile lets you share content with users of similar interests. You can share posts and stories within the group.

Sharing content in a Group Profile means that the content only gets shared with your group members. That contrasts with other content, which your followers can see. Additionally, the content gets posted in the Group Profile, not your personal profile.

Why Instagram Made Group Profiles

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, explained that the Group Profile feature is a simple way for the platform to support groups. By creating this profile type, Instagram offers a direct alternative to people sharing profiles – which the platform strongly discourages.

A Meta spokesperson also said that this offers a way for people to connect with others in a dedicated space for their shared interests.

How to Create a Group Profile

To make a new Group Profile, select the plus sign. Then, choose “Group Profiles”.

You’ll follow some prompts on the screen to finish setting up the Group Profile. Expect to add a profile picture, group name, username, and description. This is a good chance to work in keywords. You can also set the Group Profile to public or private and add a link to your bio. Just remember that setting it to private is permanent.

Once the page is live, you can add members. Just select the “Invite” button under the group bio. Admins can easily search for accounts to add.

Once the Group Profile is created, you can share Reels, Feed posts, and Stories with your group members. The process of creating these is nearly identical to doing so on your personal profile. You can add captions, select the location, tag others, and choose where to share the post.

How to Join a Group Profile

If you’re invited to a Group Profile, you will receive a direct message letting you know. You’ll be directed right to the profile and be able to accept the invitation.

You can also search for Group Profiles you want to join. Search for them like any other Instagram profile using keywords or the group’s name (if you know it). Then, go to the group’s profile page and select “Join” to request to join. The admin will either admit or reject your request.


For now, Group Profiles is still in the testing stage. It is available in a limited number of countries, including Chile, Canada, and Taiwan. As testing continues and we get closer to a global launch, expect to hear more about this new feature.

How to Use Group Profiles in Marketing

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You still have to wait some time before getting Group Profiles. In the meantime, brands are brainstorming ways to leverage the new Instagram feature.

  • For VIPs

    If you have a loyalty program or a VIP client, you can create a Group Profile just for them. Use it to share a behind-the-scenes look at your company or other exclusive content. You can also use it to announce exclusive offers and product launches just for VIPs.

  • For Building a Tighter Sense of Community

    Group Profiles are likely to be an excellent way to boost engagement and create a sense of community. After all, anyone in the group can add content to it. That is a great way to encourage your customers to interact with each other – as well as interact with you.

  • To Segment Your Audience

    You can also potentially use Group Profiles as a way to segment your audience on Instagram. For example, you could create several Group Profiles for each segment of your audience, so your followers can easily interact with others having similar interests. This can be especially helpful for creating that sense of community.

An Important Caveat: Anyone Can Post

While Group Profiles will open up more marketing opportunities, there are also some caveats to consider. Most importantly, anyone can post because it is a group. This means that you will not be in complete control of the content and may need to take on more responsibility if you set up or join a Group Profile.

That said, Group Profiles are likely an excellent opportunity to boost engagement and get more user-generated content.

What Else Was Announced?

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Instagram revealed the Group Profile feature in a mid-December announcement that includes other exciting updates. You will likely want to adapt some of those updates to use in your marketing as well.

  • Notes

    Notes are short posts with up to 60 characters, including just text and emojis. They appear at the top of chats and disappear after 24 hours or when deleted. If you respond to a Note, it starts a direct message.

  • Add Yours Nomination

    Instagram launched “Add Yours” to its Stories last year. They are now testing an update that lets you easily share these with friends. If you see a prompt reminding you of a friend, select “pass it on” and the intended person.

  • Candid Stories

    These will be a new way of capturing and sharing what you are doing now. It’s only visible to other people who share their candids. Daily notifications are available or can be turned off.

  • Collaborative Collections

    Collaborative collections will exist in one-on-one DMs and groups. They compile all of the posts shared for easy access.


Instagram is testing the Group Profile feature that will roll out soon. This feature is Instagram’s version of groups. It lets you and other members of the group easily share content and connect over similar interests. It will be a great way to boost engagement and build a sense of community for your brand. We will learn more about Group Profiles as the testing progresses.

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