Published on 13th of October, 2021

IGTV vs. YouTube for Business: What You Should Know Before Picking One

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Instagram recently launched a video platform that complements the social network itself. This platform, IGTV, raised a lot of speculations as to whether or not it would replace YouTube.

Truth is, there's no reason why these two platforms should even be compared with each other. You only need to decide on the platform that's most suitable for your business.

Do you sell a certain niche of products with video marketing? Do you make a type of video content? Should you use IGTV or YouTube? We have answers to your questions in this guide.

If your goal is more business visibility, it's wise to stick to YouTube if you've already been using it. You should also try it if you haven’t.


Why is YouTube a better option when it comes to visibility?

IGTV isn’t the best option to increase your business/brand's exposure. This is because it currently has built-in issues that may prevent your videos from being indexed on Google search results. Besides, IGTV is still relatively new and therefore has a very long way to go in this area.

Though we don't know what the future holds for the platform, you must keep in mind that it was specifically designed to depend on Instagram.

You must have already noticed that Google indexes YouTube content regularly, bringing a couple of its videos every time you type in a relevant keyword. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since YouTube is Google-owned.

For now, in the aspect of brand awareness, YT remains a better option when compared to IGTV.


Shorter videos thrive better on IGTV

YouTube is known for long videos. If you want to put up videos showing your audience how to use your products, you may decide to go for either YouTube or IGTV.

However, most Instagram users may not be patient to watch long videos on IGTV; they would rather watch them on YouTube.

If you want to engage your IG audience, learn to make your videos shorter. One advantage that IGTV has over YouTube, when it comes to making short videos, is the fact that there are several formats available. You may even decide to make your video non-vocal, using texts to communicate through your high-quality IGTV content.

When using IGTV for your brand or business, you have to keep in mind that you're competing with several other people. And if they don't find your video worthy of their time, all it takes your viewers is one swipe.

Knowing that Instagrammers are easily distracted, you have to ensure your content is super engaging to thrive as a brand on IGTV.


What platform works best if you want committed viewers?

Of course, every brand desires committed viewers.

Now if you offer in-depth content, the best platform for your brand is YouTube. Several people have been able to build a trusted community thanks to the platform.

There’s nothing as amazing as building a tribe of your own, building a community of people who root for you and become committed to the content you offer. If you want this feeling of fulfillment that comes from putting up detailed and in-depth content, again, Google's platform is best for you.

YouTube users are more patient than IGTV users. They care about the content and even if they have to wait for ads, they'll still be patient if they think your video is something they want to see. This means that YouTube is the best place to register your name as a brand, especially if you have great content.


YouTube is better for analytics

If you'd like to track your views with accurate precision, YouTube is better than IGTV. YT reports precise numbers for analytics, making it easier for you to track your progress.

With YouTube Analytics, you'll know exactly what’s working and not working for your brand.


So, when is it ideal to use IGTV as a brand? 

The best time to use IGTV is when you want to engage your existing followers on Instagram. If you already have a brand that thrives on the sister platform, you can use IGTV to engage and entertain your followers.

Having a great follower-base on IG isn’t enough, you must ensure that you maintain relevance. This can be done with the strategic use of IGTV.


Which of these two platforms work best for influencer marketing?

To be honest, there's no definite answer to this question. YouTube has been very helpful with influencer marketing and its influencers are doing pretty well.

Several influencers gained popularity and prominence through YT, often known as YouTubers. And even before influencing became a thing, YouTube had already been connecting brands with influencers.

While IGTV is still quite new to the game, it has also helped with influencer marketing. Many brands have been able to connect with influencers; the only difference being that the content you have on YouTube tends to live longer than on IGTV.

Still, several features make IGTV a worthy platform for influencer marketing. So both platforms are awesome for social media marketing, you’ve only got to go with whatever works best for you.

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