Published on 30th of November, 2022

8 Questions to Ask Before Teaming With an Instagram Influencer

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You’ve likely heard that influencer marketing is a fantastic way to expand your reach and increase your conversion rates on Instagram. However, you also realize that you need to choose the right influencer for the job. You’ll do just that when you ask these questions before teaming up with an Instagram influencer. Let’s go through each question so you can prepare for your partnership. 

1. Do They Make Sense for Your Brand or Service?

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You need to choose an influencer that aligns with your brand. Then, that person will be a natural fit for what you offer. That way, the marketing campaign will be authentic, and you’ll also reach your niche market

You need to do a little bit of research before answering this question. First, consider the influencer’s niche. Is it the same as yours? If so, the person might be a good fit for your campaign. 

Still, you need to dig a little bit deeper to make sure. Next, look at the influencer’s aesthetic and content. Do you notice any red flags that are against your brand’s values? If so, you need to find someone else. However, if the content and aesthetic are in sync with your brand, you’re a step closer to finding a good partner.

Finally, look at the audience. If the person is in your niche, you likely have the same audience, but it’s not always the case. It’s possible that the influencer’s active followers aren’t part of your target market.

Thus, instead of just looking at the audience demographics, review comments and other interactions. The people commenting and interacting represent the most engaged members of the audience and will give you a better idea of who your campaign will reach. If the engaged followers are part of your target market, you might be able to proceed with the partnership. 

2. Does the Influencer Have Any Scandals?

You don’t want to be aligned with a scandal due to a partnership with an influencer. Thus, go off Instagram to research the person before you enter into a contract. If you find anything controversial, it might be best to pass on that person. Otherwise, the controversy could end up attached to your brand. It can be hard to overcome a social media scandal, so keep this in mind. 

3. Has the Influencer Promoted Other Brands?

Conduct some research to find out if the influencer has partnered with brands in the past. If he or she has, review the campaigns. Did they appear natural? Were the engagement levels high, and did the campaigns generate results? 

Also, check how the influencer discloses the sponsorships. The disclosure should be clear, honest, and easy to see. Otherwise, it won’t meet the FTC guidelines. If the influencer attempts to hide the arrangement, you’ll want to choose someone else.

4. Do They Know and Love Your Brand?

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Authenticity is the most important component of an influencer marketing campaign. Successful campaign content looks like authentic recommendations instead of marketing posts. Thus, ask yourself if the influencer is already passionate about your brand. If so, it makes sense that the two of you would partner for a promotion.

If the person isn’t passionate, can you change that? For example, maybe the influencer hasn’t tried your products. You can send some to try, and if the influencer loves them, you will have a passionate advocate by your side. 

5. Are the Followers Authentic?

The number of followers the influencer has will impact the cost of the partnership. In addition, having a certain number of followers creates an expectation for the campaign to perform well. Thus, you need to make sure that the person’s followers are authentic. You can use a free tool to check the account for fake followers. While some fake followers are par for the course, if an account has a large number of them, you don’t want to partner with that person. Fake followers aren’t going to engage with your content in a meaningful way. That means you’ll end up wasting your money on the partnership. Plus, it could hurt your reputation if the influencer’s account ends up being associated with spam. 

6. Does the Cost Fit Into Your Budget?

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Don’t sign on the dotted line until you are sure that the campaign aligns with your budget. Costs vary when it comes to influencer marketing. Some influencers will promote posts for free products or a $100 or so. However, others charge thousands of dollars for a single promotional post. 

Because the costs vary so greatly, don’t enter an agreement you cannot afford. Instead, find someone else who fits in your budget while also meeting the other requirements. 

7. How Do You Want the Partnership to Work?

You also need to consider how you want the partnership to work. Do you want to provide basic instructions, collaborate with the influencer, or run the entire show? Some influencers are very strict about how these partnerships go. Thus, you need to make sure that you choose someone who fits with your style. As you do this, keep in mind that if you completely shut the influencer out of the process, you’ll lose some authenticity. Thus, if possible, give the influencer some creative control. 

8. How Will You Track the Campaign?

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Finally, consider how you will track the campaign. You can use an influencer management program to track it, but you’ll need to decide which one. Also, you’ll need to make sure that the influencer will use that platform as well. Then, you can gather and analyze data during and after the campaign. Discuss this before entering into a marketing agreement. 

Vet Influencers Before Partnering With Them 

Answering these questions will allow you to vet an influencer before entering a partnership. Then, you will partner with someone who aligns with your brand, loves your products, and provides authentic engagement. Once the campaign is live, measure the results so you can find out how it’s performing. Then, you’ll know if your campaign is a success. 

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