Published on 4th of February, 2017

How to Stand out on Instagram

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In recent years, the need to dominate every aspect of the internet has never been more apparent. With the rise of Instagram, and social media as a whole, every brand's successful marketing strategy will involve Instagram, in some way or another. However, it isn't as simple as just throwing up a few photos and hoping for the best. You need to understand why regular people use Instagram, and what makes them want to follow, or like, your photos. While Instagram is the social media behemoth that it is, it's also very difficult to stand out. You're literally a drop in the ocean, and unless you're making a well thought-out effort, that is all your profile will ever be. Only after grasping this, can you truly start to dominate the biggest photo sharing social media platform on the internet.

Look at your profile

Your profile as a whole is the first impression of you or your business. It doesn't matter if you post one really good image if the rest of your profile looks like garbage. By having a good looking profile, other users are more likely to click your profile links. The first thing to look at is your main profile picture. This is the photo that's right at the top and will be the image people see when you like their photos. Use an image that defines you as a person, or a business, and is clear. There is nothing worse than having a pixelated profile picture or having it so zoomed out that people have to squint to see what it is. Next, give your bio some attention. You need something written that's not too vague, or too long, and represents you perfectly. A well written bio can make all the difference for making someone click through to your website.

Make use of hashtags

Think of hashtags as categories. Only by using hashtags will your images be seen; unless someone directly visits your profile. People follow and browse hashtags that they're interested in, so by using relevant hashtags; you can be sure to focus on getting targeted viewers. Another fantastic opportunity gained by using hashtags is that you can create you own. This can help with branding and awareness by letting other people use your hashtag.

Say no to distortion!

It's imperative that you use well-optimized images on Instagram. Low pixel count and zoomed in images do not convert well. There are so many people posting perfectly optimized images, that nobody will give you a second look if the pictures look really bad. Be sure to use all of the filter options available to you, too. In fact, these filters are sort of what got Instagram so popular, to begin with. Using a magnitude of filters, as well as playing around with hue and saturation can really change how an image looks and is portrayed.

Post often

The way to grow on any social media platform is to be consistent. Only by being consistent can you start to snowball and become viral. This doesn't mean you need to spam post an image every hour, as this will produce the opposite results. Posting 3-4 high-quality images a week is a good start and will let you gauge whether you should do more, or less, by the reactions you receive. Quality of quantity should be adhered to, as the more likes an image receives, the more likely it'll be shown up on other people's feeds.

Become the expert

Most successful Instagram accounts will stick to one niche and only post relevant images unless they're a famous celebrity or something. By sticking to a niche and only posting images suitable, you can really grow your account quickly. Laser targeted followers are what we are ideally after, and there is no better way to obtain them than by giving them what they want to see. Asserting yourself as an authority profile on Instagram will positively affect your other social media accounts on other platforms, as well as making your own website look more trustworthy.

Like and comment

The Instagram is a relatively vocal community, for both followers and authorities. Make sure that you like and comment on other people's images, as this will help to spread awareness of your profile, and the person might actually follow you too. Choosing photos from the hashtags you wish to use for your own photos is a great way to find the correct people. An even easier way of achieving this is to use the popular service, Like4Like. This platform will let you exchange liking other people's images, for 100% guaranteed likes in return, and is completely free. If you're looking for an even more passive approach, there is a paid option where you'll just receive real likes, without lifting a finger.

Make use of Geo-Tag

When you upload a picture, you're given an option to Geo-Tag it to a specific location. This is similar to Checking In, on Facebook. If you're a brick and mortar business, Geo-Tagging your images will not only spread awareness of your store, but will encourage others to stop by. People often search for images in their near geographical location, so the more images you have out there, the more chance the locals will see you.

Tag other people

A great way for getting your images to show up on people's feeds, is to tag them. You can do this at the time of posting, or in the comments section after. Another good trick is to get people to tag their friends who may be interested in your post. You'll have to think a little outside the box for this one, and it's best used when you have at least a small following.

Reap the rewards

Using all of these tips provided here will considerably increase your chances of standing out on Instagram and will help you to become the authority figure that you deserve to be. Remember, stay consistent, always strive for high-quality, and if you want the fastest results possible, use Like4Like.

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