Published on 19th of February, 2024

How to Remix Reels on Instagram to Take Advantage of User-Generated Content

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Instagram has many built-in features that let you engage with your audience and encourage user-generated content. With the ability to Remix Reels, you have yet another way to use the content generated by your followers.

What Is the Remix Feature?

If you are familiar with TikTok Duets, you can think of Instagram’s Remix Reels feature as similar. With a Remix, you can respond to Reels created by someone else or collaborate with other creators. As a refresher, Instagram Reels can be short videos or longer and more in-depth.

When you make a Remix, you appear side-by-side with the original Reel. When Instagram first announced Remixes, they said it was to encourage challenges, dance collaborations, and comedic reactions. But businesses can use it for more than just those situations.

So far, you can’t remix a Remix. If you want to remix a Remix, you will have to use external editing software.

How to Make Sure Viewers Can Remix Your Content

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If you are going to create a strategy around Remix Reels, you need to make sure that others can remix your content. Keep in mind that by default, no one can remix Reels, photos, or feed videos on private accounts. All of these things can be remixed by default on public accounts.

  • How to Turn Remixing On and Off

    If you want to turn remixing on or off on your account, start on your profile page. Then, select the hamburger menu in the top right corner and choose “Settings.” From there, select “Privacy” and then “Reels and Remix”.

    You will see separate settings to:

    • Allow for Reels
    • Allow for feed videos
    • Allow for photos

    Just toggle the button to turn it on or off. It’s worth noting that deactivating Remixing doesn’t affect the ability of others to use your original audio.

  • How to Turn Remixing On and Off for a Specific Post

    While you will typically want remixing to be available on all of your feed videos, Reels, and photos, you may occasionally post something you don’t want to be remixed. If this happens, just navigate to the specific photo or Reel.

    Select the three vertical dots on the bottom. To turn off Remix functionality, select “Turn Off Remixing.” You will have to click “Turn off” to confirm. You can reactivate Remixing by selecting “Allow Remixing” and then confirming by selecting “Allow Remixing” on the next screen.

    Keep in mind that disabling remixing for a post doesn’t affect existing Remixes. Once someone remixes your content, the only way to remove that is to delete your original photo or video.

How to Remix Someone’s Reel

You will likely remix user-generated content at some point. To do so, follow these steps.

  • Find the Reel you want to remix.

  • Select the three dots on the right side.

  • Select “Remix This Reel”.

  • You will automatically see the Reel in your Instagram editor, and your camera preview will appear on the right.

  • Hold and release the record button to start and stop recording your Remix.

  • Select “Preview” to watch the Remix.

  • Choose tags, captions, and cover photo (if posting on your Feed).

  • Alternatively, save your Remix as a draft and finish it later.

Why Businesses Should Remix Reels

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Savvy businesses and influencers are using the Remix feature to make the most of their online presence. Using this feature lets you more easily engage with your audience. You can use it organically to interact with your audience or extend your reach.

Best of all, there are numerous ways that you can Remix Reels to get benefits from this feature.

  • Remixes With Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews and remixes can go hand-in-hand in one of two directions.

    If a customer makes a Reel reviewing your product or showing it off, you can remix it to spread the reach of the review. Or you can remix it to highlight a specific part or integrate it into your marketing content.

    On the other hand, maybe a customer will love your product and decide to remix one of the Reels you created about it. This would likely make it even easier for them to get appropriate images of your product.

  • Remixes With Viewer Reactions

    Overall, you want to encourage your Instagram followers to remix any of your Reels. But one type of Remix to strongly encourage is the viewer reaction.

    Remember that when someone remixes your videos, those videos are viewed by more people. So, even if the viewer seems confused by it, it can be helpful. You can even use that feedback to create another Reel that clarifies their confusion. Of course, interest, excitement, and praise for product releases are the preferred reactions to product demos or new product videos.

  • Remixes With Competitor Ads

    You can also use Remixes to tactfully make a counterpoint to your competitors. For example, you can make a reaction Remix to a Reel created by a competitor. This could be a chance to highlight some downsides of the product or things to consider.

    Even if you give the competitor’s product some gentle praise in your Remix, it can be beneficial. After all, people watching the video will see your brand name and likely check out your products.

    The important caveat here is that if you decide to Remix the competitor’s content, always be professional. You don’t want to be underhanded about your marketing. Customers will prefer authentic content.

Encourage Followers to Remix

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You’ll notice that several of the use cases for Remix Reels on Instagram require your audience to make the Remix. So, go ahead and encourage them to do so. And make it easy for them by creating content that is simple to remix.


By making Remix Reels of your followers’ content and encouraging them to remix your Reels, you can boost your presence on Instagram. Just remember to follow all of the best practices for Instagram videos, including using captions.

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