Published on 31st of January, 2017

Real vs Fake Instagram Likes

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In a competitive environment like Instagram where friends, family, customers and businesses come together there’s a real importance in having a lot of Instagram likes. Some may easily get a lot of likes, but for most of us that’s not the case. If you’re Kim Kardashian then you can stop reading here. To the rest of you we’ll in this article explain how to not only get likes but the relevance of receiving real Instagram likes. In the past few years we’ve seen a lot of celebs actually lose a lot of followers and likes. There’s been rumors of celebrities buying likes and followers. But why have they paid money for something and then lost it? Because Instagram regularly performs so called ‘purges’ where they try to remove all fake accounts. Then why even pay for fake likes when you can get real likes for free? There are a lot of like exchange networks out there. You like someone’s picture on Instagram and you can then in return receive a like yourself. Basically groups of people getting together through a website to trade likes and followers with each other. The annoying thing is that you manually have to like every picture in the network when you’re able to. This is a great way of getting Instagram likes, but they most often are also fake. What users usually do is create a fake account which does all the liking and then withdrawing those likes to their real Instagram account. What alternatives are there? This is where comes in to save the day. We’ve created a network which is like no other. One of the greatest upsides is that you can only withdraw likes to the same Instagram account that actually does the liking. That makes every like given and received in our network 100% real. Not only that, you’ll never have to like anything manually again. You will automatically like others posts in our network so that the only thing you have to do is choose which pictures to withdraw your likes on. It is of course not mandatory to automatically like in the network that’s why we’ve incorporated an easy switch where you can decide for yourself. Just by logging in you’ll get 30 likes to spend immediately. Never again will you have to worry that likes will disappear or that they are not real. Instagram even values likes from real accounts much higher than anything that you’ll ever buy.

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